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Thu 29 Feb, '24
Book Launch: Fair and Equitable Treatment and The Rule of Law by Velimir Zivkovic
R1.13 Ramphal Building, University of Warwick

The GLOBE Centre is pleased to invite you to the launch of Dr Velimir Zivkovic's book, Fair and Equitable Treatment and the Rule of Law with discussants, Professor Mavluda Sattorova, Liverpool Law School and Dr Jure Zrillic, City Law School.

About the Book:
Fair and Equitable Treatment and the Rule of Law provides a unique argument concerning the grounding of the FET standard in general principles of law and the importance of the host state’s national rule of law and pre-existing obligations for the application of the FET standard. By comprehensively investigating the fair and equitable treatment standard (FET), this book presents how this standard in investment treaty disputes can be both legally justified and realistically beneficial. It reflects on how FET jurisprudence can be advantageous to both the rule of law and to the legitimacy of the international investment regime.

About the Author:
Dr Velimir Zivkovic is Associate Professor at Warwick Law School. His work focuses on the interplay of international investment law and other areas of international and national law, as well as rule of law issues affecting these areas. He explores these topics by considering both the more traditional, doctrinal insights and critical legal studies. The focus is often on arguing whether and how the existing legal structures – in addition to being rightfully criticized and/or reformed – can also be used as a force for good in their present state.

About the Discussants:

The discussants for this event will include Professor Mavluda Sattorova, Professor of International Economic Law at Liverpool Law School, Dr Jure Zrillic, Senior Lecturer at City Law School and our own Professor Christopher Bisping, Associate Professor at Warwick Law School, University of Warwick.

Lunch will be served before the launch. Please advise us if you have special dietary requirements. Email

Tue 5 Mar, '24
GLOBE Book Event: Cash, Clothes and Construction: Rethinking Value in Bolivia’s Pluri-Economy
OC.0.01, Oculus Building

About the Event:
This event is based on Professor Kate Maclean's book Cash, Clothes and Construction: Rethinking Value in Bolivia's Pluri-Economy and Professor Macclean will be joined by discussants, Professor Ann Stewart, Professor Dalvinder Singh and Dr George Meszaros.

The event is chaired by Dr Serena Natile.

Bolivia’s Financial Services Law: Supporting an economy where all economies fit?
Bolivia’s Financial Services Law (FSL) was implemented in 2013 by former Warwick graduate Luis Arce, then Minister of Economy and Public Finance, now President. The law was an integral part of the ruling Movement towards Socialism government’s aims to reverse the social exclusion and inequality caused by decades of orthodox adjustment policies and create a financial architecture that could support an inclusive, post-neoliberal economy. The FSL recognised non-conventional collateral, imposed interest rate ceilings and established targeted credit quotas for productive enterprises and social housing, with the aim of supporting productive sector development and valorising the social mission of finance.This seminar will analyse the FSL in the context of the broad aim of the Movimiento al Socialismo to create a pluri-economy: an economy where all economies fit. It will examine the requirements placed on the formal banking sector in the context of the broader financial ecology of lending and banking institutions in Bolivia, including the traditional Andean lending mechanisms and community gift exchanges which underpin the so-called ‘informal’ enterprises which flourish in Bolivia’s vast peri-urban popular markets.

About the Author:
Kate Maclean is Associate Professor at the Institute for Global Prosperity, The Bartlett, UCL. This paper is taken from her latest book, Cash, Clothes and Construction: Rethinking Value in Bolivia's Pluri-Economy, recently published by University of Minnesota Press. She is also author of Social Urbanism and the Politics of Violence: The Medellín Miracle, and co-editor of Seduced and Betrayed: Exposing the contemporary microfinance phenomenon.

About the Discussants and Chair:
Ann Stewart is Professor of Law at Warwick Law School. She researches and writes research and writes in the area of gender and the law, focussing on issues of gender justice and postcolonialism. Dalvinder Singh is Professor of Law at Warwick Law School. His research is on banking law and financial services regulation. George Meszaros is Associate Professor at Warwick Law School. His research is socio-legal adn focuses on public law, social movements and land rights. Serena Natile is Associate Professor at Warwick Law School. Her research interests lie in the areas of gender studies, law and development, global political economy, finance and digital technologies.

Thu 7 Mar, '24
GLOBE Book Event: Approaches to Commercial and Consumer Law and Policy by Professor Christian Twigg-Flesner
S2.09 (Social Science Building)

About the Event

The event will introduce and discuss two recent books published by Professor Twigg-Flesner, Foundations of International Commercial Law  which combines a detailed account of the contextual features of international commercial law with doctrinal treatment in commercial transactions and The Transformation of Consumer Law & Policy in Europe analysing the different factors which have driven a transformative process and examines the different ways in which this has impacted on national consumer laws.

About the Author

Professor Christian Twigg-Flesner is a Professor of Contract and Consumer Law at Warwick Law School. Much of his current work focuses on the impact of digitalisation and AI on Contract and Consumer Law, including international projects on Algorithmic Contracts, and on Consumer Law and the Internet of Things.