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Apply for seed funding

The goal of RiGG-Net is to foster longer-term interdisciplinary interactions between academics at Warwick and other universities and between academics and stakeholders that will give rise to important new understandings and insights into issues of global governance.

To work towards this goal, the network is planning to provide some seed funding to develop interdisciplinary research collaboration among Warwick University scholars on the issue of global governance that will lead to the development of external grant applications.

We will prioritise activities that:

  • foster longer-term interactions between academics from different disciplines (as opposed to one-off events where no further interactions are envisaged), including those that could potentially form the basis of an external funding application
  • disseminate interdisciplinary global governance research to non-academic audiences
  • demonstrate how interdisciplinarity can add significant added value to important issues of global concern
  • show enthusiasm for engaging as widely as possible with academics from other disciplines through long term engagement with other relevant networks at Warwick and beyond
  • have potential for generating longer-term and/or larger scale inter-disciplinary research projects, including those that could potentially form the basis of an external funding application

Applications will thus be assessed according to the following criteria:

  • value for money
  • extent to which they outline a clear activity which will generate further follow up work
  • extent to which they address a significant global governance issue, preferably from an interdisciplinary perspective

Successful applicants will be expected to:

  • produce a short report on the activities carried out
  • have a Warwick-based principal investigator for any follow up external funding applications
  • engage with the wider RiGG network in terms of disseminating activities

The main applicant must be employed by the University of Warwick for the duration of the funding. We may make awards conditional to the provision of further information.

Please contact us at riggnet at warwick dot ac dot uk stating your name, department and contact details and giving us a short description of your proposed project (no more than half to one page A4).