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Apply for funding

The goal of RiGG-Net is to foster longer-term interdisciplinary interactions between academics at Warwick and other universities and between academics and stakeholders that will give rise to important new understandings and insights into issues of global governance.

To support the objectives of the network above, RiGG-Net operates a small pot of funding available to support events and seed funding for the development of external grant applications for collaborations that emerge from RiGG Net exchanges:

  1. Interdisciplinary Coffee-Catch ups (maximum per event £150)
  2. Extended networking events (maximum per event £250)
  3. Collaborative events with external speakers (maximum per event £350)
  4. Seed funding of up to £500 each for the development of external grant applications, initially for a maximum of three teams

Research in Global Governance Network (RIGG-NET) Collaborative Activity Request



  • Collective Requests should seek to realize the potential of collective and interdisciplinary research endeavours within the remits of RiGG Net.
  • Proposals can be made by collective groupings led by Warwick-based academics (faculty, post-docs, and PhD students)
  • Proposed activities must have substantial involvement by several Warwick academics from different disciplines and department, and with a view to explore the potential for further collective research cooperation
  • Support is envisaged to fund or top-up funding for collective activities such as workshops, research projects, outreach, and preparing for funding bids
  • The application process is designed to be quick and responsive to colleagues’ needs. One page or so should be sufficient for an application with a limit of 300 words
  • The RiGG Net convenors will consider and disburse funds on a rolling basis as funds last
  • Recipients of funds will be expected to provide a brief report on activities within three months of their completion with a limit of 250 words.


Please complete the application form and email in Word format to Sahar Shah at who will then forward it to the RiGG Net convenors, Celine Tan (Law) and Alexandra Homolar (PAIS). Applications may be reviewed by other members of the RiGG Net community.