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IEL Collective Working Groups

The IEL Collective plan to run a number of Working Groups focused on specific interest areas. If you have an idea for an interest group and can coordinate one, please contact us at ielcollective at warwick dot ac dot uk

Law & Finance Working Group

The Law & Finance Working Group promotes advanced understanding, policy intervention and teaching of economics, finance and the law. A crucial objective of the Group is to support the translation of critical research in the field to the general public, with a particular focus in influencing progressive policy-making either at national, regional or international levels. The Group is building a collective database of syllabi in various topics of Law & Finance from heterodox, third-world, postcolonial, feminist, and other critical approaches.

Trade & Investment Law Working Group

Ariel view of containers on a ship at sea

The International Trade & Investment Law Working Group aims to address, and to provide interdisciplinary responses to, contemporary challenges in international trade and investment law.The Working Group provides a forum that brings together expert scholars, policy-makers and policy-influencers, and civil society actors for discussion, knowledge exchange and thought leadership in critical discourses of trade, investment and development. An objective of the Working Group is to make technical and complex areas of international law and policy accessible to the general public.