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IEL Collective COVID-19 Research and Interventions

Members of The IEL Collective have engaged in a number of research and policy interventions relating to COVID-19. We are featuring some of the work in different areas relating to the impact of the global pandemic on law, societies and economies.

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IEL Collective Conversations

Check out our IEL Collective Conversations featuring video chats between IEL Collective scholars and practitioners on aspects of law and the global economy. We have eight episodes discussing the multi-faceted interactions between COVID-19, law and the global economy, including episodes on COVID-19 and the constitution of the global economy, COVID-19 and foreign direct investment, COVID-19 and inequality, COVID-19 and global helath governance, COVID-19 and the right to food, COVID-19 and digital technologies, COVID-19 and investment law, and COVID-19 and the governance of the global economy. What is unique about our Conversations is that much of our conversations are unscripted and taking place in real time as the pandemic unfolded in 2020.

IEL Collective Medium Publication

Our Medium Publication provides a space for longer reflections that highlight the challenges, problems and opportunities for international economic law as it is broadly defined. Our current series features writings on the ways in which COVID-19 is intersecting with law and the global economy.

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Ruptures 21: Towards New Economies, Societies and Legalities

Ruptures21 is a new an initiative of The IEL Collective, that responds to the challenges posed by old and current economic, social and legal dynamics and their impact on the human and non-human world. Our first project is Informality in COVID-19 Times, an interdisicplinary research collaobration between IEL Collective partners, Rosario University, University of Essex, University of Kent and University of Warwick.

COVID-19 and Sovereign Debt

Members of The IEL Collective Law and Finance Working Group are involved in a project exploring the impact of COVID-19 and sovereign debt and to develop mechanisms for managing the sovereign debt of low and middle-income countries to meet the economic and financial challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. Dr Stephen Connelly, Dr Celine Tan and Chris Tassis (Warwick) andKarina Patricio Lima Ferreira (Durham) have developed a proposal for legislation in the UK that will have the effect of suspending debt owed to private creditors of countries eligible for the G20 Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI). The majority of sovereign bond contracts are governed by English law.

Dr Stephen Connelly and Dr Celine Tan have also commented on the recent G20's rcent failure to tackle the crisis of sovereign debt exacerbated by teh pandemic.

International Human Rights and COVID-19

Members of The IEL Collective are engaged in research exploring the impacts of COVID-19 and human rights. Professor John Harrington (Cardiff) and Dr Sharifah Sekalala (Warwick) set out the human rights obligations of the UK under international law pertaining to the UK governent's responses to COVID-19. Read their submission to the Joint Parliamentary Human Rights Committee on COVID-19 here.

Dr Sekalala is also involved in a project on International Human Rights Impacts of the COVID-19 Crisis.