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IEL Collective Conversations

The IEL Collective You Tube Channel

The IEL Collective has launched a YouTube channel to share our thoughts and ideas through a series called IEL Collective Conversations. Our first series is on the intersections of international economic law and the COVID-19 pandemic but we hope to chat about other things IEL-related in due course.

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 1

International Economic Law, the Constitution of the Global Economy & the COVID-19 Pandemic with Luis Eslava and Tara Van Ho

In this video, Luis Eslava (Kent Law School) and Tara Van Ho (Essex Law School and Human Rights Centre) discuss two issues stemming from the intersection of international economic law and the COVID-19 pandemic. Luis and Tara talk about some of the issues that we raised in our collective article on Internatioanl Economic Law and COVID-19

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 2

International Economic Law, COVID-19 Responses and this Thing We Call Policy Space with Luis Elsava, Celine Tan and Tara Van Ho

In this video, Luis Eslava (Kent Law School), Celine Tan (Warwick Law School) and Tara Van Ho (Essex Law and Human Rights) discuss responses to the COVI-10 panademic reveal the asymmetries of the legal framework of international economic law, including responses by countries in the global north to restrict incoming investment flows, options that are not open to developing countries in the global south.

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 3

COVID-19, International Economic Law and Inequality

In this video, Serena Natile (Brunel Law School), Celine Tan (Warwick Law School) and Paolo Vargiu (Leicester Law School) discuss how inequalities manifest in, and are exacerbated by, the COVID-19 pandemic, and how international economic law influences and exacerbates these realities.

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 4

International Economic Law, Public Health and COVID19

In this video, John Harrington (Cardiff School of Law and Politics), Sharifah Sekalala (Warwick Law School) and Celine Tan (Warwick Law School) discuss the intersection of international health law and international economic law with a view to understanding the current COVID-19 crisis.

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 5

COVID-19 and the Right to Food, feat. UN Special Rapporteur Michael Fakhri

Luis Eslava (Kent Law School), Clair Gammage (Bristol Law School), and Annamaria La Chimia (University Nottingham School of Law) host Michael Fakhri (School of Law, University of Oregon), the newly appointed UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food to consider how COVID-19 has raised several human rights challenges for governments and international economic law.

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 6

COVID-19, Digital Technologies & International Economic Law

Serena Natile (Brunel Law School) hosts Jeremmy Okonjo (School of Law, Queen Mary London and Kent Law School) and Lyla Latif (University of Nairobi Law School and Cardiff School of Law and Politics ) discuss the impact of digital technologies and international economic law on the coronavirus response.

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 7

COVID-19 and International Investment Law, feat. M Sornarajah

Paolo Vargiu (Leicester Law School), Jean Ho (Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore) and Anil Yilmaz Vastardis (Essex Law School and Centre for Human Rights) host veteran investment law scholar, M Sornarajah (Faculty of Law, National University of Singapore), in a discussion about the potential impact of investment law on states as they struggle to address the COVID-19 crisis.

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 8

Race and International Economic Law, feat. Kojo Koram

Luis Eslava (Kent Law School) and Tara Van Ho (Essex Law School and Human Rights Centre) host Kojo Koram (Birkbeck Law School) in this conversation about the race-based foundation of international economic law (IEL) and how that affects IEL in the contemporary period.

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 9

COVID-19 and the Governance of the Global Commons

Celine Tan (Warwick Law School) hosts Vice Yu (Third World Network) and Mariama Williams (South Centre) in this conversation about COVID-19 and the intersecting economic, health and ecological crises that the pandemic has amplified. This episode is dedicated to the memory of Martin Khor (9 November 1951 - 1 April 2020) , former Director of the Third World Network and the South Centre.

IEL Collective Conversations Episode 10

COVID 19, TRIPS and the problem of intellectual property

Amaka Vanni (University of Leeds), Annamaria La Chimia (University of Nottingham), Sharifah Sekalala (University of Warwick), and Tara Van Ho (University of Essex) join Celine Tan (University of Warwick) to discuss the various proposals for a TRIPS waiver for COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.