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The IEL Collective Inaugural Conference

Photo by Steve Johnson on Unsplash

Disrupting Narratives and Pluralising Engagement in International Economic Law Scholarship, Teaching and Practice

The IEL Collective was launched to provide a space for critical reflection on these complex interactions in the growing field of international economic law. It aims to explore how epistemological and methodological diversity in the discipline can contribute towards the development of a more holistic landscape of scholarship on law and the governance of the global economy. We aim to stimulate conversations about plurality, representation and criticality in researching, teaching and practising international economic law and spark new conversations about the future of the discipline.

Our inaugural conference aims to bring together scholars as well as other stakeholders, including policymakers, campaigners and practitioners, to contribute towards the development of The IEL Collective and to springboard and further new and existing conversations about the past, present and future of the discipline.

We are really excited that The IEL Collective Inaugural Conference is round the corner on 6 – 7 November 2019. We have had a fantastic response to our conference and have almost 80 delegates attending.
Please find details below for the exciting academic, practice and social programme but also the more mundane but important logistical details.

Please read through the details carefully and provide any additional information by the dates listed.

1. Venue

The conference will take place at the University of Warwick main site.

The sessions on the first day (6 November) will take place at the Ramphal building (for the optional teaching workshop) and at the Social Sciences building (for all the opening plenary, parallel sessions 1 & 2, and the practitioner panel. All room numbers are on the conference programme, and registration/lunch will take place outside room S0.11. There will be plenty of signs to help you navigate your way, once you get to the Social Sciences/Ramphal Building. The conference dinner will take place at Radcliffe restaurant.

All the sessions on Day 2 (7 November) will take place at Scarman conference centre. We will notify you of respective rooms for Day 2 once we finalise them.

Please use the interactive campus map for navigation or download a campus map (with venues indicated).

2. Accommodation

All of you who have requested accommodation on campus have been sent a reservation email with details of where and where you will be accommodated and, where relevant, what the cost is and how to pay for the room and/or additional nights.

Visit this page for a list of nearby off-campus accommodation for those of you who are booking your own accommodation.

3. Travel

Directions for how to get to Warwick University can be found here:


The nearest airport is Birmingham International which is a 20 minute taxi ride (cost approximately £30) to the university. Taxis are available from the front of the airport.
A tip for international travellers arriving at Birmingham International airport is the availability of fast track arrivals which you can purchase in advance for a fee of £5 per person: This allows you to fast track immigration queues and can be especially helpful for non-EU passport holders if there is a long queue. The airport also has an express lane for security clearance for your journey back, again available for a fee online:
If you are arriving at London airports, there are National Express coaches from all airports directly to Coventry where you can take a bus or taxi to the university: Alternatively, you can also take trains to Coventry station (see below).


The nearest train station is Coventry. Please do not go to Warwick train station as we are located in Coventry not Warwick despite the name. There are buses and taxis from the train station to the university. Please see the attached FAQs for details. You can book tickets here:

If you are booking a train, we would advise you to book in advance of your travel as prices can be very expensive otherwise.


If you are driving, complimentary parking is available at Radcliffe House. We do not believe that anyone staying at Arden House will be driving but if you are, let us know so that we can organise a complimentary parking permit. If you are driving but not staying on campus, you can park at Radcliffe or Scarman as well. Parking is also available for blue badge holders.

4. Programme

Please see our revised conference programme.

Aa previously stated, chairs for each of the sessions set out in the programme will be asked to run their sessions according to a common approach. Presenters will be given 12 minutes to present their papers, and these timing will be taken seriously. This will be done so as to ensure that there is sufficient time for a real conversation to flourish in the discussion which follows the presentations. A collective conversation experience, if you like, which we hope will nurture a sense of community among our inaugural conference attendees. At the end of the conference, you will see there is a final session in which we will all come together to discuss next steps for the IEL Collective.

We would also like to offer the opportunity to all presenters to receive comments from a paper discussant (comments can be provided one to one outside the conference sessions if this is preferred). We ask anyone interested in this opportunity to send in their paper two weeks in advance of the conference (by 23 October 2019) to . Any papers provided will only be shared among fellow panel members, the chair and the discussant. This process is entirely voluntary, but we would particularly encourage early career researchers to think about participating if they are in a position to do so.

5. Conference Dinner

The conference dinner will take place at 7.45pm at Radcliffe Restaurant. We assume that everyone can attend the dinner but please let us know if you cannot attend the dinner by Friday, 18 October.

6. Access and dietary requirements

Please let us know by Friday, 18 October of any access and dietary requirements.

7. Visas

Please let us know if you are encountering problems or delays in relation to obtaining a visa.

8. IEL Pop-Up Collection

We would like as many, if not all, of you to participate in this project designed by Amanda Perry-Kessaris from Kent Law School. We look forward to your wonderful creations.

9. Books and Materials for Display

If you would to bring sample books and publisher discount flyers to distribute and/or other promotional materials, please do so. We will make space available for this. However, the responsibility for setting up them up and taking them home, etc will lie with you. We cannot be responsible for any lost items.

10. Video and Photography

There will be photography taking place during the conference. There will also be a social media presence and organisers and other delegates will likely be tweeting and posting to social media under the hashtag #IELCollective. If you do not wish to have your photo taken or uploaded to social media, please let us know. We will not be taking videos of the breakout sessions and where video or audio recordings will be taking place, you will be warned in advance and consent forms provided where necessary.

11. Reimbursement

If you have been offered a travel bursary, please ensure that you keep ALL receipts, invoices, etc for reimbursement. This is really important as we cannot reimburse you without the original documents. You can download the Expenses Form and the Foreign payments form for foreign bank accounts. Please fill them in and bring them to the conference with your documents.