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Monday, February 19, 2024

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Join the Law School Tri-Grid Team

Runs from Monday, February 19 to Sunday, March 03.

The Tri-Grid Challenge is back for term 2! Track how far you run, walk, swim and cycle over two weeks to earn points and win prizes. If you would like to join the department's team, please email by 19 February.

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How to Solve the Shell Company and Corruption Conundrum

Warwick Law School are delighted to host visiting academic, Dr. M. Can Pehlivanglu, from Istanbul Kent University, who will give an informal seminar open to all, staff and students at the University titled "How to Solve the Shell Company and Corruption Conundrum".

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Econ-Inclusivity: Embracing Diversity & Inclusivity!

The Department of Economics is thrilled to announce an extraordinary opportunity for students to engage in activities aimed at raising awareness and supporting the integration of students with disabilities and neurodiversity. Get ready to explore, learn and create!

Please note that the deadline for our competitions has now extended to Saturday 17 February at 12pm.

What's in store?

  • Research and art project competitions with the chance to receive funding,
  • Interactive workshops with economics professionals who have disabilities.

Don't miss out on this enlightening and rewarding experience. Be there, make a difference, and let your voice be heard!

Econ-Inclusivity Interactive Workshop

Join us on Monday 19 February 5-6pm in OC0.02 for free pizza and to meet our exciting panel of economics professionals. Our panel will share their experiences of working in economics careers with disabilities and advocating for inclusivity and diversity.

Our competition winners will be announced and special prizes will be handed out. Free pizza will be served at 5pm for all attendees. Find out how you can get involved below!

Registration for this event is essential. Please click the button below to secure your place. Registration will close on Monday 19 February at 12pm noon.


Research Project Competition

Propel your passion for research at the intersection of economics and disability. Submit your project ideas to get a chance to receive funding and guidance from the Advisor for Disabled Students, Dr. Juliana Carneiro.

Your essay should be around 500 words long on the topic 'Disabilities and Inclusion in Higher Education'. You could write about:

  • Your views on the challenges that students with disabilities may face in higher education,
  • Your suggestions on how to make teaching and learning more diverse and universal,
  • Your own experiences in higher education.

The close for this competition is Saturday 17 February at 12pm. Please email your submission to the Advisor of Disabled Students, Dr. Juliana Carneiro via If you have any questions, please email Dr. Juliana.

Art Installation Competition

Express creativity and raise awareness through art. Collaborate with colleagues, or work individually, to create art pieces focusing on disability and neurodiversity to help raise awareness. The pieces that you create will be displayed on campus! You could:

  • Take photographs that represent your perspective on disability,
  • Contribute to a collage by writing or printing out quotes about diversity, resilience and inclusivity,
  • Create short video clips or slideshows about your understanding or experience with disabilities,
  • Be creative!

The close for this competition is Saturday 17 February at 12pm. Please email your submission to the Advisor of Disabled Students, Dr. Juliana Carneiro via If you have any questions, please email Dr. Juliana.

Prizes and Perks

All participants will receive a voucher as a token of appreciation for taking part.

Exciting special prizes will be awarded to those with stand-out contributions.

Free pizza will be served to all attendees at our EconInclusivity event.

Temporary employment opportunity: selected participants will have the chance to be employed on a temporary contract to help organise diversity, inclusivity and awareness initiatives.


Your involvement is not just participation: it is co-creation. Your lived experiences and insights are invaluable in shaping initiatives that truly resonate with our student community.

This is your chance to contribute, learn and grow while making a significant impact. Let's come together to foster an inclusive and empathetic community.

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Heidegger Reading Group

Heidegger Reading Group

We are happy to announce that the Heidegger Reading Group will continue in term 2! This time, we will read a couple of Heidegger’s essays, starting with “What is Metaphysics?” today. We will decide on the other readings successively, but they will for example include ‘On the Essence of Ground’ and the ‘Letter on Humanism’. Everybody is invited to join. Additionally, we will stream the reading group via Microsoft Teams so that Haley Burke can join from Texas; if you cannot attend in person and would like to participate online as well, please get in touch with Frido.


Time: every Monday during term, 5-6.30 p.m. (08. January – 11. March 2024)

Location: FAB1.05