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TRI-Grid Challenge


How far can you go?

Challenge yourself, get active and have fun. Track how far you run, walk, swim and cycle over two weeks to earn points and win prizes.

Please note: This form will register your details with Warwick Sport so you can receive information about the Tri-Grid Challenge. In order to complete your sign up, you will need to follow the instructions to join the challenge on Actio Grid.

Enter today

A fitness challenge taking place over two weeks.

Free and open to all University of Warwick students and staff.

Enter as an individual or a team.

For exercise enthusiasts or those just needing a bit of motivation.

Challenge dates

  Date Time Location
Tri Grid Challenge Monday 13 June– Sunday 26 June 2022 Anytime Anywhere
Bonus points group run Monday 20 June 2022 12.15pm-1.00pm Outside Sports Hub
Bonus points group walk Thursday 23 June 2022 12.15pm-1.00pm Outside Café Library

Enter today

How to participate

1. Choose your ability level & enter

Register online either as an individual or a team and choose your ability level:

Around the Block
People who are mostly new to, or don't run, swim or cycle on a weekly basis. Up to 1 in 4 members of your team can identify as Around the World level.

Around the World
For mostly experienced runners, swimmers or cyclists who train regularly.

2. Get active & earn points

Get out there and run, walk, cycle and swim between the challenge dates to earn points. Make sure to record all your activity.

  • Run 1000m = 1 point
  • Cycle 2500m = 1 point
  • Swim 200m = 1 point
  • Walk 1500m = 1 point
  • Log an activity in each of the four disciplines (running, walking, swimming and cycling) at some point during the challenge = 5 points
  • Attend the bonus point group run = 10 points
  • Attend the bonus point group walk = 5 points

3. Log your activity

  1. Register on Actio Grid to join the challenge.
  2. Team captains will need to create a team and provide their team members with the Team Identifier and Team PIN. Individuals can join using the following details - Team Identifier: 703446, Team PIN: YF9C.
  3. Connect your fitness tracker.
  4. If using Strava, you can manually add treadmill runs, indoor cycles and swims which will then pull through on the challenge website.

Prize categories

There are individual and team prizes to be awarded at the end of the challenge:

  • Top Around the World team
  • Top Around the Block team
  • Top Around the World individuals
  • Top Around the Block individuals
  • Best effort

Frequently asked questions

When does the challenge start and finish?

The challenge starts at 00.01am on Monday 13 June 2022 and officially finishes at 11.59pm on Sunday 26 June 2022.

What activity can I submit?

  • Running includes walking and jogging, indoors and outdoors.
  • Cycling includes outdoor and indoor cycling (as long as distance is tracked).
  • Swimming includes swimming indoors and outdoors.
  • Walks must be tracked as activities rather than using daily totals from smartwatches or phones.

Does exercise as part of another activity count?

The purpose of the activity must be to run, walk, swim or cycle. Any of these that happen as part of another sport, for example running around a football pitch, does not count.

Please note: this challenge is about encouraging all people to get active. Any action deemed against this inclusive ethos may result in disqualification. Please be conscious of your own and others' safety when taking part in the challenge. Adhere to the Green Cross Code when near roads and wear suitable and visible clothing and footwear.

Ask a question

If you have a question or want to know more, please get in touch.

Contact warwickactive at warwick dot ac dot uk