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Thursday, February 22, 2024

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Join the Law School Tri-Grid Team

Runs from Monday, February 19 to Sunday, March 03.

The Tri-Grid Challenge is back for term 2! Track how far you run, walk, swim and cycle over two weeks to earn points and win prizes. If you would like to join the department's team, please email by 19 February.

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Research Refresh
Wolfson Research Exchange, Main Library, Floor 3 Extension

Research Refresh is a weekly event for all researchers at the University, ran by the Library. It is an opportunity for PGRs to take a break from their work, grab some coffee and cake, and to chat with other researchers from different disciplines.

It runs every Thursday morning from 10.30am in the Wolfson Research Exchange.

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Postgraduate Professional Development

Networking in academia, with Patrick Tomlin.

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Book Seminar: Feminism, Violence Against Women, and Law Reform (co-hosted with the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender)

Book seminar co-hosted by the Criminal Justice Centre and the Centre for the Study of Women and Gender. With discussants Solange Mouthaan (Warwick Law) and Paula Hollstein (Warwick Law).

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Metaethics Reading Group

The metaethics reading group is a venue for those interested in metaethics to talk through metaethics papers (either contemporary or classic) that are relevant to their work - whether that be for an undergraduate essay/dissertation or postgraduate/professional research. We meet regularly to talk through a paper suggested by a member of the group.

If you are interested please email to be added to our mailing list.


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WPS Academic Talk – Online, Garrath Williams (Lancaster University)

Title: WPS Talk: Garrath Williams (Lancaster), '"Free Markets": A Kantian Perspective'

When: 16:00 –17:30, Thursday February 22nd 2024

Where: Online

Notes: "Free Markets": A Kantian Perspective           

Garrath Williams (Lancaster University)

 'We hear a lot about the virtues of “free markets.” We also hear a lot about their problems and, by implication, the need to constrain markets. In this talk, I sketch an alternative, Kantian way of framing markets – as public goods. First, I explain the central ideas of Kant’s political theory – how states must uphold freedom and rights through coercive laws. I suggest that, for Kant, markets rest on a public framework, not just on individual rights. I also point out how individual rights to property and contract can, in situations of inequality, undermine their Kantian justification. Overall, I claim that markets are free where they enable people to act as not-mere-means for one another. These Kantian markets have little to do with familiar economic or neoliberal notions of market freedom.'

 The talk will be held on Microsoft Teams, at the following link: opens in a new window


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WiP Seminar
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ICJ Panel Discussion and Q&A with Professor Andrew Williams and Dr Simon Behrman

In January, South Africa brought a case to the ICJ asking it to consider whether Israel is committing genocide against Palestinians in Gaza.

Join Warwick Base Law Society on Thursday 22 February for a panel discussion and Q&A about the case with professors from Warwick Law School. All are welcome, including law and non-law students!

Andrew Williams is the Head of the Law School, founder and co-director of the Centre for Human Rights in Practice. Simon Behrman is an Associate Professor whose main research interests are in various aspects of asylum and refugee law.