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Papers for After the Global Crisis: What Next for Regionalism?

Amitav Acharya (Department of Political Science, York University, Toronto)
Regionalism and the Emerging World Order: Sovereignty, Autonomy, Identity.

Carlos Alzugaray (ISRI, La Habana, Cuba)
Regionalism in Latin America and the Caribbean at the Crossroads: The contrasting strategies of regional integration.

Andreas Bieler (Cambridge University)
Theories of Integration Meet the 1995 EU Enlargement: The Case for a New Approach

Morten Bøås (University of Oslo)
The Trade-Environment Nexus and the Potential of Regional Trade Institutions

Davis B. Bobrow and Robert T. Kudrle (University of Pittsburgh)
Understanding Regional Arrangemen: From Occam to Gillette

Paul Bowles (University of Northern British Columbia)
Regionalism and Development after(?) the Global Financial Crises

Xiudian Dai (Hull, UK)
Networked Governance and European Regionalism in the Digital Age

Rosita Dellios (Bond University)
Chinese Forms of Regionalism: Organic and Orchestrated

Heribert Dieter (Universität GH Duisburg)
Regional Integration in Southern Africa: The Prospects for SADC after the Mauritius Summit

Ken Endo (Hokkaido University)
Subsidiarity & its Enemies: On a Post-National Constitutional Principle of the European Union

Yi Feng and Gaspare M. Genna (Claremont Graduate University)
Regional Integration and Domestic Institutional Compatibility: A Comparative Analysis of Regional Integration in Central Africa, the Americas, Pacific Asia and Western Europe

R. James Ferguson (Bond University)
East Asian Regionalism: The Challenge of Political Reform and Systemic Crisis in the Late 1990s

Stuart Harris (ANU, Australia)
The Regional Response in Asia-Pacific and its Global Implications

Riuhei Hatsuse (Kobe University)
Historical Globalization and Asian Implications

Björn Hettne and Fredrik Söderbaum (Göteborg University)
Theorizing the Rise of Regionness

Mohd Yusof Kasim and Mohd Shukri Hajinoor (Institute of Malaysian and International Studies (IKMAS), and Faculty of Economics, Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia)
Sub-regionalism in the ASEAN Countries: The Case of Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand Growth Triangle (IMT-GT)

Peter Katzenstein (Cornell University)
Regionalism and Asia

Simon Lee (Hull University)
Discovering the Frontiers of Regionalism: Fostering Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Competitiveness in
the European Union

Chang Li Lin and Ramkishen S. Rajan (IPS, Singapore)
Regional Responses to the Southeast Asian Financial Crisis: A Case of Self-Help or No Help?

Keiji Nakatsuji (Ritsumeikan University, Kyoto)
Asia-Pacific Regionalism as an Illusion? A Case for China's Entry for WTO

Philip Nel & Frank Teng-Zeng (University of Stellenbosch)
Science and technology in sub-Saharan Africa: regional co-operation in a post-national environment

Yoko Ogashiwa (Hiroshima University)
South Pacific Forum: Survival under External Pressure

Gorm Rye Olsen (Denmark)
The European Union and Africa in the Next Millennium: The Politics of Forced Regionalization

Maria O’Neill (University of Abertay)
Regionalism as Trading Blocks: A Comparative Analysis of the Legal Structure of the EC and NAFTA within the Context of the WTO

Maria Onestini (Centro de Estudios Ambientales [CEDEA])
The Latin American Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR): Environment and Regionalisation

Sung-Hoon Park (Korea University)
Open Regionalism of APEC: Concepts, Recent Developments and Options for the 21st Century

Theodore Pelagidis (Panteion University, Athens & University of Athens)
International Trade: Globalization or Regionalism?

Nicola Phillips (University of Warwick)
Rethinking Regionalism?: Governance after Financial Crisis

Timothy M Shaw (Dalhousie, Stellenbosch & Western Cape Universities)
New Regionalisms in Africa in the New Millennium: comparative perspectives on renaissance, realisms and/or regressions

Etel Solingen (University of California Irvine)
Internationalization, Domestic Coalitions, and Regional Futures

Ian Taylor (University of Stellenbosch)
South Africa’s Promotion of "Democracy" and "Stability" in Southern Africa: Good Governance or Good for Business?

Mehmet Ugur (University of Greenwich)
Globalisation and Regional Integration - Theoretical Links and Policy Implications: The Case of Tax Policy Co-ordination in the EU?

Wang Yizhou (Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing)
Asia-Pacific Regional Security: A Chinese Perspective

Susumu Yamakage (The University of Tokyo, Komaba)
Japan-ASEAN Relations During and After the 1997-98 Crisis