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Warwick Manuscript Development Sessions

CSGR has held Warwick Manuscript Development (WMD) workshops for early career scholars since 2009. Open to all authors in the fields of International Relations and International Political Economy, WMD Sessions provide a forum for first-time book authors to receive intensive advice from established academic authors, editors, and publishers. In the sessions the discussants play the role of a reviewer for an established academic press and provide constructive feedback on a book proposal and introductory chapter from the authors and also raise questions about the book’s audience and market.

Published books
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WMD Book Collection


Schedule of Warwick Manuscript Development Sessions
WMD I 11–13 May 2009 Organiser: Leonard Seabrooke 2009 Programme
WMD II 10–12 May 2010 Organiser: Leonard Seabrooke 2010 Programme
WMD III 7–8 April 2011 Organiser: Leonard Seabrooke 2011 Programme
WMD IV 17–18 May 2012 Organiser: Leonard Seabrooke 2012 Programme
WMD V 6–7 October 2014 Organiser: Leonard Seabrooke 2014 Programme
WMD VI 9–10 May 2016 Organiser: André Broome 2016 Programme