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Honorary Research Fellows

profile picture of Prapimphan Chiengkul

Dr Prapimphan ChiengkulLink opens in a new window, Email: opens in a new window

Prapimphan Chiengkul is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, Thammasat University, Thailand. She specialises in the political economy and international political economy of development. All of Prapimphan’s research to date has focused on issues of inequality, social justice and environmental sustainability. She is also interested in progressive politics and social movements, and is particularly influenced by Robert W. Cox’s critical theory. Prapimphan’s first major publication was a monograph, The Political Economy of the Agri-Food System in Thailand (Routledge 2017), which was based on her PhD thesis completed at the University of Warwick. Since then, she has published research articles in journals such as Third World Quarterly and Alternatives: Global, Local, Political. She also published a short monograph, Labour Under Corbyn: Constraints on Radical Politics in the UK, with Palgrave in 2021. In the next few years, Prapimphan aims to explore the prospects of renewable energy transition and post-growth/green economy in developing countries. Her current research is on the Belt and Road Initiative and its implications for energy transition. Between June and November 2022, she was conducting research on the interconnections between climate change and energy-food security in Southeast Asia as a Visiting Research Fellow at the ISEAS-Yusof Ishak Institute in Singapore.

Dr Florence DafeLink opens in a new window, Email: 

Florence Dafe is a political economist at the Chair of European and Global Governance of the Hochschule für Politik /Technical University of Munich (TUM). Her research and teaching cover a number of themes related to international political economy and comparative political economy, with a particular focus on global financial governance. Florence’s research interests revolve around finance and development, especially the domestic and external political constraints that governments in developing countries face in governing their financial sectors. Prior to joining the Chair of European and Global Governance, Florence was a Fellow in International Political Economy at the Department of International Relations at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and lecturer in International Political Economy at City, University of London. She is also an associate researcher at the German Development Institute. Florence holds a Masters degree in Development Studies from the LSE and a PhD in Development Studies from the Institute of Development Studies (IDS) at the University of Sussex.

Dr Sahil DuttaLink opens in a new window, Email:

Sahil Jai Dutta is a lecturer in political economy at City, University of London. His teaching and research focuses on financialisation, money, managerialism, and the political economy of Britain. Sahil is currently working on three interdisciplinary research projects: (1) Modern monetary policymaking: This project examines how financial globalisation and the rise of market-based banking has produced new forms of state power in Britain and new possibilities for macroeconomic policymaking. (2) Financialisation of the firm: This project explores how non-financial company executives in the 1960s pioneered the use of financial markets as an engine for growth. They developed key techniques - high leverage, share-price maximisation and accounting manipulation - that later defined the shareholder value era. (3) The rise of New Public Management: This project explores the history of public sector reform in Britain and America and how techniques of systems analysis were taken from Cold War American military planners and redeployed to design, implement and evaluate public sector work. Research on each of these has been published in New Political Economy, Review of International Political Economy, Competition & Change, and Socio-Economic Review.

Dr Matthias KrankeLink opens in a new window, Email: 

Matthias Kranke is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Kassel, where he leads a project on the role of international organisations in post-growth and sustainability transitions. He is currently also an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for the Study of Regionalisation and Globalisation (CSGR), University of Warwick (2020–23). His broader interests lie in global economic and, increasingly, environmental governance with a focus on the politics of expertise and inter-organisational relations. His publications include articles in the European Journal of International Relations, Global Policy, New Political Economy and the Review of International Political Economy.

Dr Ruben KremersLink opens in a new window, Email: 

Ruben Kremers is a postdoctoral research fellow in International Political Economy at the University of Mainz. His teaching and research focusses on the politics of finance and technology, with a particular focus on the politics of fintech, apps, and artificial intelligence. His work engages critical and interdisciplinary methodologies to collect empirical material from unconventional sources, such as industry events, mobile software applications, or social media.

Dr Johannes PetryLink opens in a new window, Email: 

Johannes Petry is a political economist researching the changing dynamics of financial globalisation and its impact on the global norms, institutions and governance that underpin the global economy. His main focus is thereby on the and internationalisation of China’s financial system and how China contests the liberal global financial order, the role of market infrastructures in the politics global finance, and how post-crisis transformation of the global financial system such as the rise of East Asia, the BRICs or new financial actors impact the global economic order. Currently, Johannes is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Goethe University FrankfurtLink opens in a new window and the Principal Investigator of the StateCapFinanceLink opens in a new window research project funded by the German Research Foudation. Prior to joining Goethe University, he was an ESRC Doctoral Researcher in Warwick, an IRC Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the SCRIPTS Centre of ExcellenceLink opens in a new window and Lecturer at Freie Universität BerlinLink opens in a new window. Johannes is also a co-founder of the Warwick Critical Finance GroupLink opens in a new window and Management Committee member of the ‘China in EuropeLink opens in a new window‘ COST-Action Research Network. His research has been published in the Review of International Political Economy, Economy & Society, New Political Economy, Environment and Planning A and Competition & Change.