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Multilevel Governance Workshop Papers

Networks, Politics and Markets: The International Diffusion of Insider Trading Rules, David Bach and Abraham Newman, IE, Madrid / Georgetown University

Institutions and Transnationalisation, Marie-Laure Djelic and Sigrid Quack, ESSEC, Paris / WZB, Berlin

New Roles for Unions in the Governance of the New Economy, Peer Hull Kristensen and Robson Rocha, Copenhagen Business School

Regulatory Architecture for a Global World: From Multi-Level to Hybrid Forms of Governance, David Levi-Faur, University of Haifa

Mobilising Transnational Epistemic Communities in a Multi-Level System of Innovation, Kari Lilja, Eli Moen and Christer Peterson, Helsinki School of Economics / University of Oslo / Luleå University of Technology

Coherence and Incoherence in the Multi-Level Governance of Economic Sectors, Renate Mayntz, MPFG, Koln

Governance in International Financial Markets: The case of OTC derivatives, Glenn Morgan, WBS/CSGR

Law and Legitimacy in Multi-Level Governance, Sol Picciotto, Lancaster University Law School

Multi-Level Governance in Globalized Industries, Tony Porter, McMaster University

Cross-Border Interaction in Multi-Level Governance: the Case of Professional Associations as Standard Setters, Sigrid Quack, WZB, Berlin

Old Risk, New Market: Constructing the Over-the-Counter Financial Market for Credit Derivatives, Hélène Rainelli and Isabelle Hualt, IAE, Sorbonne / Dauphine, Paris

Governance of EU Social and Employment Policies as Reflexive Coordination, Ralf Rogowski, Law/CSGR

Regulatory Regimes in a Trans-National World: Why is there no 'Delaware Effect' on the Internet?, Roy Suddaby and Rajshree Prakesh, University of Alberta

The Growth of International Governance and the Restructuring of Business Systems: The effects of Multileveled Governance in Europe and Elsewhere, Richard Whitley, Manchester Business School