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Autumn 2004 Seminars

Unless otherwise stated Seminars are held on Monday at 1 pm in the CSGR Seminar Room S 1.50 (1st floor Social Studies Building)




4th October Omano Edighji

(Centre for Policy Studies, Johannesburg)


Globalisation, Governance And Development In The New South Africa: Complementarities Or Disjunctures?
11th October

Prof Jan Aart Scholte

(University of Warwick)



What would global democracy look like?
18th October Dr Daniel Joyner

(University of Warwick)


Restructuring the Multilateral Export Control Regime System
Wed 20th October Prof James Mittelman

(American University of Washington)


Globalization and the Emergent Conflict over World Order
27th October Prof Roy May

(Coventry University)


Recent British Settlement in The Gambia
Wed 27th October


Room TBC


His Excellency Juan José Bremer

(Ambassador of Mexico)


The Latin America-Europe Relationship
1st November

Prof Marcus Miller

(University of Warwick)



World Finance and the US "New Economy": welfare efficiency and moral hazard
8th November Prof Ellis Krauss

(University of California, San Diego)


Beyond Bilateralism: U.S.-Japan Relations in the New Asia Pacific
15th November Marzia Fontana

(University of Sussex)


Modelling the effects of trade on women, at work and at home (for a copy of the paper click here)
22nd November Dr Michela Redoano

(University of Warwick )


Globalisation and Public Finance
29th November Dr Bryan Mabee

(Oxford Brookes University)


The Globalization of Security