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Summer 2004 Seminars




29th March
Devinder Sharma
(Forum for Biotechnology and Food Security (ndia))
Trade, Biotechnologyand Hunger.
8th March Dr Peter Burnham
(University of Warwick)
Floating Rates versus Bretton Woods
1st March
Room S0.19
Dr Daniel Drache
(York University)
The Political Economy of Dissent: Poverty Eradication and Its Global Public After Cancun
1st March Dr Graeme Cheeseman
(University of New South Wales)
Military force and forces in a globalising world
23rd February Gunter Metzges
(Marie Curie Visiting Fellow)
Non governmental networks: their influence on international negotiations.
16th February Professor Abdul Paliwala
(University of Warwick)
Regulation and Global Digital Diffusion.
9th February Professor Catherine Hoskyns & Professor Shirin Rai
(University of Warwick)
Gendering International Political Economy
2nd February Dr Martin Besfamille
(Univerisdad Torcuato Di Tella, Argentina)
International capital markets and sub-national borrowing
Thurs 29th January Professor John Whalley
(University of Toronto)
Globalization and Values
26th January Dr Nicola Pratt
(University of Birmingham)
Bringing Politics Back In: Examining the Link between Democratisation and Globalisation in Egypt.
19th January Eleni Tsingou
(University of Warwick)
A global approach to the fight against money laundering? Public institutions, private banks and the gap between policy and practice
Wed 14th January Ann Florini
(The Brookings Institution)
The Coming Democracy: New Rules for Running a New World
12th January Professor Mansoob Mershad
(Institute of Social Studies, The Hague)
Civil Wars in the age of Globalisation
5th January David Barlow
(University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne)
'The Political Economy of Reform' in the transition economies