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Autumn 2005 Seminars

Unless otherwise stated Seminars are held on Monday at 1 pm in the CSGR Seminar Room S 1.50 (1st floor Social Studies Building)





26th September

Dick Bryant

(University of Sydney)

Financial Derivatives: The New Gold?
3rd October

André Spicer

(University of Warwick)

From National Service to Global Player: Globalization and the Transformation of Public Broadcasting

10th October Heloise Weber

(CSGR Visiting Fellow)

What is new about the 'new' development agenda: The PRSP approach and the organisation of global capitalism
17th October Paola Conconi

(l'Université Libre de Bruxelles)

Reelection Incentives and the Sustainability of International Cooperation.

24th October Emanuel Kohlscheen

(University of Warwick)

Sovereign Risk: Constitutions rule
31st October Franklyn Lisk

(CSGR Visiting Fellow)

HIV/AIDS and globalization: issues, challenges and responses at international and regional levels.
7th November

Pranab Mukhopadhyay

(CSGR Visiting Fellow from Goa University)
Natural Resource Management and Impact of Institutional transition - A Case study in Goa, India.
14th November

Wyn Grant

(University of Warwick)
Globalization, the Doha Round and Agricultural Trade.
21st November

Marcus Miller

(University of Warwick)
Bargaining and sustainability: The Argentine debt swap of 2005
28th November Barrie Axford

(CSGR Visiting Fellow from Oxford Brookes)

In at the Death? Why critical globalization studies are waving not

For further information, contact Dr. Dwijen Rangnekar.