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2007 Autumn Seminars

Unless otherwise stated Seminars are held on Mondays at 1pm in the CSGR Seminar Room S1.50 (1st floor Social Studies Building).




8th October Ton Bührs, Lincoln University 'Towards a Global Political-Economic Architecture of Environmental Space'

15th October

James Brassett, CSGR 'British Irony, Global Justice: The Politics of the Comic Frame'
22nd October Frederik Ponjaert, CSGR 'Comparative analysis of Japan & Germany's decisions to engage for the first time in major peace-keeping efforts'
29th October Nikolaus Wolf, CSGR/Economics 'The Effects of New Borders on Trade: Central Europe 1910-1933'

5th November

Stellan Vinthagen, Göteborg University 'World Social Forum and Civil Society'
12th November

Manfred B. Steger, RMIT University, Melbourne

'Global Citites, Global Culture: Recent Globalisation Research Intiatives at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology'
19th November Gianluca Grimalda, CSGR 'Globalisation and Co-operation amoung Individuals: Evidence from an International Experimental Study'

26th November

Sophie Harman, CSGR 'Mapping the way: how the World Bank has shaped the HIV/AIDS response’
3rd December

Jan Aart Scholte, CSGR

'Global Research on Global Democracy'

For further information, contact Nikolaus Wolf: