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2000 Workshops

Global Governance

30 July-11 August 2000, ACUNS/ASIL Annual Summer Workshop.

Local organiser: Jan Aart Scholte

From 30 July to 11 August 2000 CSGR will host the tenth annual Summer Workshop on International Organisation Studies of the Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS) and the American Society of International Law (ASIL).

The workshop is designed for junior faculty, practitioners from policy circles and civil society and advanced doctoral candidates. The purposes of the two-week programme are to enhance professional development, to forge links between scholars and practitioners, to encourage interchange between legal specialists and social researchers on world affairs, and to stimulate teaching and research in international organisation studies.

The theme for the 2000 workshop is ‘Innovations in Global Governance for the New Millennium’. Twenty-five participants from fifteen countries will gather at the University of Warwick to consider modes of governance that can provide security, justice, ecological integrity and democracy in a more global world.

The workshop will consist of participant presentations, sessions for skills development in teaching and research, and lectures by invited experts in the field. The workshop directors are Christine Chinkin of the London School of Economics, Jan Aart Scholte of the University of Warwick and CSGR, and Paul Wapner of the School of International Service at American University.

Civil Society and Global Finance Project

29-31 March 2000, Scarman House, University of Warwick.

Organiser: Jan Aart Scholte

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As mentioned in the last CSGR Newsletter, the Centre has teamed up with the United Nations University (UNU) in a study of civil society and global finance. The project is considering how civil society has and/or can become involved in global finance and how this involvement may contribute to and/or detract from effective, equitable and democratic operations of global finance. This investigation has become all the more timely in the light of recent events in Seattle and Davos.

The participants in the project bring a wealth of experience from diverse perspectives on this question. The core group includes Gemma Adaba of the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, Nancy Birdsall of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Ralph Bryant of the Brookings Institution, Sandra Cesilini and John Clark of the World Bank, Manuel Chiriboga of the Latin American Association of Advocacy Organisations, Thomas Dawson of the International Monetary Fund, Ishac Diwan of the World Bank Institute, Barry Herman of the United Nations Secretariat, Inge Kaul and Kamal Malhotra of the United Nations Development Programme, Jenny Kimmis of Oxfam, Keith Muhakanizi of the Government of Uganda, James Orr of the Bretton Woods Committee, Nodari Simonia of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Irene van Staveren of Women in Development Europe, Alison Van Rooy of the North-South Institute and Yu Yongding of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Coordinators of the project are Jan Aart Scholte for CSGR and Albrecht Schnabel for UNU.

The project team will meet at the Scarman House conference facility of the University of Warwick on 29-31 March 2000. The proceedings will be opened by Sir Shridath Ramphal, Chancellor of the University and Co-Chair of the Commission on Global Governance. In subsequent workshop sessions the contributors will discuss draft chapters for an eventual report and book. The meeting will further benefit from the input of invited guests from inter alia the British Government, the Bank for International Settlements, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development.

The project report will be completed during the rest of the year 2000. It is planned that the findings will be presented in the autumn at United Nations headquarters in New York and IMF headquarters in Washington. A book will follow in due course.

Transparency and the Global Political Economy

12 February 2000

British International Studies Association, International Political Economy Group, Annual Workshop

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