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Workshop Papers

Singapore Workshop on the World Bank Papers


Nigar Baimova, 'World Bank Education Project in Azerbaijan'

Toby Carroll, 'The World Bank's Socio-institutional Neoliberalism: A Case Study from Indonesia'

An Huybrechts, 'Civil Society Participation in PRS and Cotonou Agreement Processes. The Role of Donors in Senegal and Rwanda'

Mona Hammami, 'Political Uncertainty, Investment Decisions, and Development Policy Implications' PowerPoint Presentation

Sophie Harman, 'All Change? Exploring the Changes to World Bank Policy and Practice Under the Multi-sectoral AIDS Project (MAP) PowerPoint Presentation

Pascale Hatcher, 'The Politics of Crafting the Technocratic State: The World Bank, Governance and the End of Politics' PowerPoint Presentation

Jon Harald Sande Lie, 'Developmentality: CDF and PRSP as Governance Mechanisms'

Desmond McNeill and Asuncion Lera St. Clair, 'Development Ethics and Human Rights as the Basis for Global Poverty Reduction: The Case of the World Bank'

Alok Misra, 'Micro Finance in India and Millenium Development Goals: Maximising Impact on Poverty'

Pablo NemiƱa, 'The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund in the Recent Argentine Crisis. Better Together or Separated?' PowerPoint Presentation

Adrianne Madaris Nnadi, 'On the Same Page? The World Bank's Evolving and Revolving Discourse on Poverty Reduction Strategies' PowerPoint Presentation

Bonfas Oduor-Owinga, 'Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and Participation: The Kenyan Experience'

Celine Tan, 'From Harmonisation to Internalisation: the Evolution of Conditionality as Regulatory Instrument for Development Financing'

Diane Stone and Christopher Wright, 'The Currency of Change: World Bank Lending and Learning in the Wolfensohn Era'

Eliza Van Waeyenberge, 'The Missing Piece: Country Policy and Institutional Assessments at the Bank'

Christopher Wright, 'From 'Safeguards' to 'Sustainability': The Evolution of Environmental Discourse Inside the International Finance Corporation'