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CSGR Workshops 2008

Moving Health Sovereignty: Global Challenge, African Perspective

Stellenbosch, South Africa, 21 November 2008.

Organised by CIGI with the support of CSGR, the Institute for Global Dialogue, and the Munck Centre.

You may consult the backgrounder and the agenda of the event. For more information please access CIGI event calendar.

With the participation of Professor Franklyin Lisk.

Global Citizenship in Action? Civil Society and Accountable Global Governance

United Nations University Panel Discussion, United Nations Headquarters, New York, 5 November 2008.

Public Discussion at the International Monetary Fund, Washington D.C. 6 November 2008.

With the participation of Jan Aart Scholte.

Climate Justice: Voices from the South

23 October 2008, Warwick University

Organised by Gianluca Grimalda. With the participation of Sara Ayech (World Development Movement).

Regional GDP Across Europe, 1900-2000

Organised by Nikolaus Wolf. The web page of the workshop is available.

China's Integration into the Global Economy

22 February 2008, CSGR

Organised by John Whalley. The programme of this one-day event is available online.

The Challenge of Climate Change

22 January 2008, CSGR

Organised by Andrew Sentance. The Workshop brought together a number of different economic and political perspectives on two key issues: (1) Establishing a new Global Climate Change Agreement; and (2) Building a Low-Carbon Economy. The papers are now available on the CIGI website.