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Forthcoming Workshops

Global Governance and Global Health - Researching Policy-making Processes

Global health has been receiving increased attention amongst scholars of International Relations in recent years. This has been in part due to an increasing public awareness of how new and remerging infectious diseases are affecting populations around the world and the role that globalisation plays in this process. Of particular interests to political scientists has been a parallel proliferation of new forms of cooperation and governance that have developed as a response to global health challenges. The emergence of non-state actor participation in decision-making, regime clashes and multi-level policy networks are all political process that influence policy making processes in this field. Global health therefore appears to offer scholars of IR useful case studies on the empirical workings of post-democratic governance - and the normative-ethical dilemmas that come with it. The workshop begins with a presentation of insights into how health security impacts on the politics of sovereignty. In the two following sessions, papers addressing research approaches for investigating policy-making in global public health will be discussed. The first looking at the legitimacy of public-private institutions and their reception amongst key global health stakeholders and the second addressing how evidence-based knowledge is utilised in policy-making processes.

Location: CSGR, University of Warwick
Date: Wednesday, 18th March 2009
Room: S.150, Social Studies Building
Time: 1pm – 5pm