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Workshop Papers

World Bank Anticorruption Efforts: Ensuring Accountability and Controlling Corruption, Carmen Apaza, American University, Washington DC

The Role of World Bank Lending in Chinese Economic Development, Poverty Reduction, and Social Adjustment, Christopher Balding, University of California, Irvine

The Washington Consensus and the Pension Reform Package for Latin America: The Uruguayan Case, Roberto Gallardo Del Angel, Graduate School of Economics, Shiga University
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Appendix A.1
Appendix B
Appendix C

The Danger of Anti-U.S. Sentiment for World Bank Legitimacy, Tana Johnson, University of Chicago

The Appropriation of the World Bank Policies? Political Commitment and the Sustainability of State Reform Programs in Argentina and Chile, Martin Lardone, Sciences Po

World Bank and Irrigation Reforms: Case of Andhra Pradesh, India, Bala Raju Nikku, PhD

Assessing the Accountability of the World Bank Group, Susan Park, Deakin University, Melbourne

New Forms of Governance: The Role of the World Bank and Civil Society in Argentina, Abilene Pitt, Oxford Brookes University

Norm Setting or Following: The World Bank and the IMF in Comparison, Antje Vetterlein, Department of Sociology, University of Essex

The World Bank and its Critics; Organizational Sociology as a Mediator - Origins of the World Bank's Approach to Old Age Security, Veronika Wodsak, Institute of World Society, University of Bielefeld

Setting Standards for Responsible Banking: Examining the Role of the International Finance Corporation in the Emergence of the Equator Principles, Christopher Wright, London School of Economics and Political Science