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GR:EEN FP7 - Europe's role in the emerging global order

About GR:EEN

Global Re-ordering: Evolution through European Networks

GR:EEN is a global collaborative research project seeking to define the role of the EU in the emerging global order.

Our research is coordinated over 8 workpackages, delivering hign quality research findings and policy recommendations as a coherent whole.

The latest from GR:EEN

The research story so far

GR:EEN Work Package Leaders and CSIFs
GR:EEN Future Researchers
Len Seabrooke WP1 Review
Mario Telo WP2 Review
Luk Van Langenhove WP3 Review
George Christou WP4 Review
Daniel Mugge WP6 Review
Luk Van Langenhove WP7 Review
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Photo of AGORA bird launches video
Animated character close up launches animation
Photo of Juliet Johnson, McGill University launches video
Photo of Jens Mortensen launches video
Animated character close up launches animation
Animated character close up - launches animation
Photo of Professor Mario Telo, Free University, Brussels launches video
Photo of Dr Ralf Emmers, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore launches video
Dr Mills Soko, University of Cape Town and partners discuss what GR:EEN will achieve

Policy suggestions

  • Consistency and coherence in key EU external policies need to be strengthened
  • Regulatory coordination between the EU and US should occur policy area by policy area and avoid a process of deregulation in Europe
  • A Eurozone seat should be added to the IMF
  • An EU-wide White Book on Security and Defence should be drafted
  • The role of MEPs in boosting the legitimacy of the CSDP should be explored
  • The EU should conduct research on the outcomes of CSDP missions, and feed this back into the policy-making process
  • The role of the European Defence Agency should be upgraded so that it can help enhance the EU’s military industry
  • There needs to be a common EU position on the future of the CSDP/NATO relationship
  • EU public diplomacy needs to be improved, by not ignoring diversity within the EU and by using social media much more effectively
  • Rather than teach the world about the EU (the EU’s approach to public diplomacy thus far), the EU should instead engage in genuine two-way interaction by taking a dialogical approach and being aware of the positions and perspectives of its counterparts

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