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Welcome to 'Views on the EU'

GR:EEN, as a multidisciplinary research programme, employs a strategy of interactive dissemination when studying the current role of the EU as well as its future evolution. In this vein, Views on the EU, the project newsletter, will provide updates on the progress of the research, publish provisional and final results, and advertise public events and workshops as well as initiatives undertaken by individual consortium members.

From the June issue onwards, in order to better understand the challenges that the multi-polar tendency of the international system poses for the EU, analyses of current events, economic-financial governance and EU-related foreign policy will be published in "The Big View" section of the newsletter.

Coordinated alongside the official GR:EEN website, Views on the EU will be issued bimonthly for the entire duration of the project.

GR:EEN - Research, Opinion, Innovation

Dr. Marco Valigi
ISPI, Milan

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