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The 2010 Eurozone crisis raised many burning questions as it proved to be a truly existential one. It has challenged the European integration process’ ability to meet its own stated goals.

Looking forward, the European Union has reached a turning point. In response to mounting social and political unrest, the EU has to strike a new balance between competitiveness and investment, between old and new policy instruments and between fiscal sovereignty and solidarity.

These two documentaries are based on a GR:EEN FP7 AGORA © Forum ( for which the Institut d’Etudes Européennes de l’Université Libre de Bruxelles ( gathered over 80 international researchers, experts and decision-makers.

Part 1 – "Eurozone Crisis – European Integration" – explores whether European integration would necessarily emerge weakened of possibly strengthened from the crisis.
Part 2 – "Eurozone Crisis – Healing the Socio-economic Wounds” – assesses whether European Socio-economic governance would necessarily emerge weakened or possibly strengthened from the crisis.

GR:EEN aims to share its research and findings as widely as possible. We do this through our newsletter, events, policy-orientated impact dialogues, and reflections on current affairs. Much impact work is undertaken through a dedicated work programme with a specialist think tank in Italy.

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