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Future Trends Reports - Foresight

One of the tasks of the GR:EEN project is to conduct a foresight exercise about the future role of the EU on the global scene. More particularly, we want to look for answers to the following question: 'What will be the relevance of the EU in global policy networks in a multi-polar world?'

The foresight exercise is part of Work Package 7 of the GR:EEN research project. Interactive workshops between academics and policy-makers will lead to policy recommendations for EU external affairs. This research aims to guide European policy makers and practitioners in developing a strategy to enhance the EU’s relevance on the world scene.

But GR:EEN is of course not the first to do such an exercise. Forward-looking activities have been executed in a wide range of issue-areas such as demography and economy. That is why we present here a collection of summaries of foresight reports in five categories. These categories are: (i) general reports; (ii) demographic reports; (iii) reports on energy and environment; (iv) economic reports; and finally, (v) reports referring to technology and innovation.

These summaries have been made by colleagues at UNU-CRIS, with the aim of offering readers the highlights of a report in maximum three pages. However, most organizations offer longer summaries which we have also included for your reference.

* These pages represent Milestone 42, "Foresight Knowledge System Website" *