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Diane Stone Knowledge networks and global policy September 2003 Full Document PDF icon
Richard Higgott The Political Economy of Globalisation: Can the Past Inform the Present? November 2002 Full Document PDF icon
Diane Stone The ‘Knowledge Bank’ and the Global Development Network May 2002
Forthcoming in Global Governance
Full Document PDF icon
Diane Stone Think Global, Act Local or Think Local, Act Global? Knowledge Production in the Global Agora October 2001 Full Document PDF icon
Diane Stone, Simon Maxwell and Michael Keating Bridging Research and Policy July 2001 Full Document PDF icon
Marcus Miller, Norman Ireland, Martin Cripps and Lei Zhang Collecting Economic Rents on North Sea Oil and Gas: A Proposal September 2000 Full Document PDF icon
Richard Higgott Justice and The World Economy: Proceedings of the Centre Workshop as 75th Anniversary Issue of International Affairs 75(3), 1999 May 1999 Full Document PDF icon
Ben Lockwood and Jonathan P. Thomas Gradualism and Irreversibility May 1999 Available in CSGR Working Paper series N. 28/99
Jonathan Cave Intellectual Property Rights and the Internet September 1998 Full Document PDF icon
V. Bhaskar and Ted To Minimum Wages for Ronald McDonald Monopsonies: A Theory of Monopsonistic Competition August 1998 Abstract, Full Document PDF icon