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CSGR Research Projects 1998

Possible Global Environmental Institutions: Exploring the Developing Country Interests - John Whalley, Ben Lockwood, and Peter Newell

International Institutions in an Era of Globalisation: The Horizontal and Vertical Geometry of Global Policy Competence - David Vines and Ben Zissimos

Renewable Resources, Capital Accumulation and Overlapping Generations - Ted To and Leonard Mirman

Minimum Wages and Trade - Ted To

Inflation, Delegation and Reputation - Ted To and Erkan Yalcin

The Dynamics of Discriminatory Import Policy - Ted To

When and Why do Domestic Respondents Oppose AD Petitions? - Ted To and Jim Cassing

Trans-Regional Policy Communities and the International Political Economy of European Identity - Ben Rosamond

The State and the Provision of Public Goods under Conditions of Globalisation: Asia and Latin America after the Era of the Washington Consensus - Nicola Phillips and Richard Higgott

Financial crises - Marcus Miller

Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights - Duncan Matthews

Globalisation, Japan, and East Asian regional security - Christopher W. Hughes

De Facto Economic Integration and De Jure Institutional Cooperation in the Asia Pacific: Implications for Triadic Relations with Europe and North America - Richard Higgott

Globalisation and the Emergence of Greater China Economic Space: Hong Kong in Transition - Peter Ferdinand

Globalisation, Emerging Markets and Corporate Strategy in East Asia - Shaun Breslin

China Engaged? Globalisation and Regionalisation in the People's Republic of China - Shaun Breslin

Globalisation and Social Exclusion - Lisandro Abrego, Huw Edwards and John Whalley