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Globalisation and the Emergence of Greater China Economic Space: Hong Kong in Transition

In December 1997, CSGR was one of the sponsors of the first of a series of three conferences on Hong Kong and its transition to mainland rule. This fitted within the framework of CSGRs research project on the Greater China. It was held at the Royal Institute of International Affairs in London and attracted paper-givers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Germany, and the UK. The main themes were the evolution of business, political and legal relations with the mainland, social changes inside Hong Kong, and the impact of the retrocession on Hong Kong's external relations. In keeping with the ESRC Thematic Priority interest in emerging markets, CSGR hosted the second of the meetings on Hong Kong in Transition (July 9-10). Speakers came from Hong Kong, the USA (Hoover Institution at Stanford, UCLA), and the UK. They focused on the reform process in Hong Kong's political, economic and legal structures in the face of reintegration and globalisation.