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Globalisation and Governance


During 2002-3 Jan Aart Scholte continued general theoretical and empirical work on the changing nature of governance in an era of globalisation, in particular shifts from statist to more decentred and polycentric regulation. He rewrote several chapters in preparation of a second edition of his Globalization: A Critical Introduction, due for release in 2004. His 20,000-word monograph on The Sources of Neoliberal Globalization was published by the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development. He also wrote a book chapter, three journal commentaries and a working paper on globalisation and its governance, as well as the IMF guide (see research project "The IMF and Civil Society"). He further gave seven presentations in six countries and three media interviews on this subject. The February 2003 symposium organized by Scholte on Globalisation Studies: Past and Future also addressed questions of globalisation and governance.


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