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Trans-Regional Policy Communities and the International Political Economy of European Identity

This project commenced in 1998. It is co-funded by the ESRC One Europe or Many? Programme. This funding commenced in late 1999. Its aim is to investigate the emergence of trans-regional policy communities (TPRCs) in the European Union. It will explore the extent to which the interests of key policy actors converge around particular sorts of knowledge and information, thereby enhancing understanding of European policy processes. This should yield integrated analyses of the TRPCs as consolidators (or inhibitors) of distinct regional approaches to multilateralism and openness in the global economy.

In detail, the project will (i) identify a selection of relevant policy sectors in the EU regulatory environment. Economic and monetary policy, competition policy, social policy and environmental policy are appropriate in order that the 'knowledge based focus' of this project shed new light on these sectors, (ii) identify the key public and private sector policy actors involved in European level policy making in the selected areas, and, (iii) investigate; via documentary analysis and semi structured interviews, the types of 'knowledge' mobilised by the relevant policy elites and the degree to which shared knowledge drives actor expectation convergence. This research is expected to enhance our understanding of the principles and ideas which underpin the EU policy environment and strategies for the enhancement of policy coordination.




Ben Rosamond, "Europeanization and Discourses of Globalization: Narratives of External Structural Context in the European Commission", CSGR Working Paper 51/00, May 2000, Abstract, Full Document PDF icon