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Nicole Jackson Publications


The International Community, Security and Central Asia, book manuscript in preparation

"Human Trafficking and Labour Migration in Central Asia” in Melissa Curley (ed) Illegal Migration in Asia, Routledge, forthcoming 2006

"The Role of the International Community in Securitizing Narcotic and Human Trafficking in Central Asia" (currently under review)

"Regionalism, Trans-regionalisation and Security Governance in Central Asia" (article in progress)



The Trafficking of Narcotics, Arms and Humans in Central Asia:(Mis)perceptions, policies and realities, Central Asian Survey, Volume 24, Number 1 / March 2005, pp 39-52

International Institutions and the Securitisation of Human and Narcotic Trafficking, January 2005, IDSS Singapore.



The Strategies and Tactics of International Institutions in Countering Clandestine Transnational Activities in Post-Soviet Central Asia: Why a Human Security Approach is Needed

Canadian Consortium on Human Security, July 2004.

Canada's Policy Towards the Trafficking of Narcotics, Arms and People in Central Asia

Canadian Consortium on Human Security, July 2004.



Russian Foreign Policy and the CIS; Theories, Debates and Actions (London and New York: Routledge, 2003).



Report on Russia-NATO Relations

International Security Research Outreach Program (ISROP),Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada, 2002.

Russia's Policies and Military Actions towards Tajikistan: Are there Lessons and Warnings for American Involvement in Afghanistan?

Norman Paterson School of International Affairs Occasional Papers, no.27, 2002