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Justin Robertson Publications


Robertson, Justin, “Reconsidering American Interests in Emerging Market Crises: An Unanticipated Outcome to the Asian Financial Crisis,” Review of International Political Economy, accepted for publication

Robertson, Justin (ed), Power and Politics after Financial Crises: Rethinking Foreign Opportunism in Emerging Markets, collection to be published in Palgrave’s International Political Economy Series, 2007



(edited with Maurice A. East) Diplomacy and Developing Nations: Post-Cold War Foreign Policy-Making Structures and Processes. London: Routledge, January 2005. Part of the Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Politics Series.

“Introduction: The Research Direction and a Typology of Approaches,” in Diplomacy and Developing Nations, pp. 1-35.



(guest editor) “The Role of the Foreign Ministry in Developing Countries and Emerging Market Economies,” International Insights (Vol. 14, Special Issue, 1998).

“Introduction: the Deepening Roots and Varying Roles of Contemporary Developing Country Foreign Ministries,” International Insights Vol. 14 (1998) pp. 3-11.

“Commercialization and Fragmentation: A Case Study of Trinidad and Tobago’s Foreign Policy Administration,” International Insights Vol. 14 (1998) pp. 95-114.