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David Wilson Publications


D. Wilson (with S. Collinson) ‘Inertia in Japanese Organizations’ Organization Studies (revise and re-submit)

D. Wilson (with J-C Thoenig) ‘The Future of Organization Theory: I’m a Believer or I just Don’t Know what to do with Myself’ Organization Studies (revise and re-submit)

D. Wilson (with D Hickson and S. Miller) Connectedness in Organisational Decision Making (submitted to Academy of Management Journal). Under review

D. Wilson (with S. Miller) ‘Strategic Decision Making’ Chapter for the Handbook in Organization Studies: Sage: London (accepted for publication 2005)

D. Wilson (with John McGee and Howard Thomas) ‘Strategy: Analysis and Practice’ McGraw-Hill: Maidenhead (to be published 2005)


D. Wilson (with D. Hickson and S. Milller) ‘Beyond Planning: Strategies for Successfully Implementing Strategic Decisions ’ Long Range Planning 2004

D. Wilson (with P. Jarzabkowski) ‘Thinking and Acting Strategically: New Challenges for Interrogating Strategy’ European Management Review 1, 1, 2004 14-20


D. Wilson (with S. Cummings) Images of Strategy 2003, Blackwell: Oxford 450 pages.

D. Wilson (with D. Hickson and S. Miller) ‘Planned or Prioritised: Two Options in Managing the Implementation of Strategic Decisions’ Journal of Management Studies, 40, 7 2003 1803-1836.


D Wilson (with P Jarzabowski) ‘Top Teams and Strategy in a UK University’ Journal of Management Studies (2002) 39 3 355-382


D.Wilson (with D. Hickson and R. Butler) ‘The Bradford Studies of Strategic Decision Making: Classic Research in Management’ Ashgate: Aldershot, (2001) 486 pages,

D. Wilson ‘Strategy and Practice’ (2001) Warwick Business School DLMBA Course Notes, 250 pages

D. Wilson (with S. Miller and D. Hickson) Decision Making in Organisations in G Salaman and D Asch (eds) Decision Making for Business: A Reader, Sage, (2001)

D. Wilson ‘Postcard from the Future: A Five Year Perspective on Creativity, Strategy and Change’ Organisation Development, (2001) 3, 25 – 35


D Wilson (with K. Ball) ‘Power, Control and Computer Based Performance Monitoring: Repertoires, Resistance and Subjectivities’ Organization Studies, (2000) 21, 3, 539 – 565


D Wilson, (with D. J. Hickson and S. Miller) “Decision Over-reach as a Reason for Failure” When Things Go Wrong: Organizational Failures and Breakdowns, H. Anheier (Ed), London, Sage. 1999