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Nikolaus Wolf Publications


"Scylla and Charybdis. Explaining Europe's Exit from Gold, 1928-1936", forthcoming in Explorations in Economic History. Also published as CEPR DP 6685 (see my contribution to VOXEU) and CESifo Working Paper.

“Endowments vs. Market Potential: what explains the Relocation of Industry after the Polish reunification in 1918?”, Explorations in Economic History 44 (2007), pp. 22-44.

“Estimating Financial Integration in the Middle Ages: What can we learn from a TAR-model?", Journal of Economic History 66/1 (2006), pp. 122-139, with Oliver Volckart.

“Economic Integration Across Borders: the Polish Interwar Economy”, European Review of Economic History 9 (2005), pp. 199-231, with Carsten Trenkler.

“Path Dependent Border Effects: the Case of Poland’s Reunification (1918-1939)”, Explorations in Economic History 42 (2005), pp. 414-438.

"Local Comparative Advantage: Agriculture and Economic Development in Poland 1870 – 1970”, forthcoming in: Pedro Lains and Vincente Pinilla (eds.), Agriculture and Economic Development in Europe since 1870, Routledge.

"Grenzen und Ökonomie. Eine Untersuchung am Beispiel Deutschlands und Polens 1885 – 1934", forthcoming in: Etienne François, Jörg Seifarth, Bernhard Struck (eds.), Die Grenze als Raum, Erfahrung und Konstruktionen. Deutschland, Frankreich und Polen vom 17. bis 20. Jahrhundert, Campus.