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Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature

Bataille: Writing the sacred

Edited by Carolyn Bailey Gill
Warwick Studies in European Philosophy

"Not only an indispensable examination and celebration of Georges Bataille; but a vital contribution to the urgent assessment of the critique of modernity - a major publication." Mike Gane, Loughborough University

Georges Bataille's transgressive writings, focusing on eroticism, death, excess and subversion, have had a profound influence on such thinkers as Foucault, Derrida, Kristeva, Blanchot and Nancy.

The full range of Bataille's writings is only now being made available to an English-speaking audience. This collection brings together international specialists on Bataille from a range of academic disciplines to examine the complex relations between literature, philosophy, politics and art and to ask why Bataille is at the cutting edge of today's intellectual debates and a key figure in contemporary counterculture.

The Contributors: Geoffrey Bennington, Jean-Michel Besnier, Leslie Anne Boldt-Irons, Briony Fer, Denis Hollier, Marie-Christine Lala, John Lechte, Alphonso Lingis, Michèle Richman, Allan Stoekl, Susan Rubin Suleiman, Sarah Wilson

The Editor: Carolyn Bailey Gill