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Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature

Deleuze and Philosophy: The Difference Engineer

Edited by Keith Ansell-Pearson
Warwick Studies in European Philosophy

'A fresh and stimulating contribution to the intellectual developments around the work of Deleuze.'
Brian Massumi, University of Queensland

'This is a very strong collection. It will shed new and exciting light on the writings of Deleuze. It is an excellent volume promising to open new horizons for Deleuze scholarship.'
Constantin Boundas, Trent University

'This collection demonstrates, often in surprising and throught-provoking ways, the fecundity of Deleuzian thought as it allows the authors to usher philosophy into its inevitable confrontation with the technoid world of chaos theory and morphing, cyborgs and cyberspace.'
Alan Schrift, Grinnell College

The work of Gilles Deleuze has had an impact far beyond philosophy. He is among Foucault and Derrida as one of the most cited of all contemporary French thinkers. Never a student 'of' philosophy, Deleuze was always philosophical and many influential poststructuralist and postmodernist texts can be traced to his celebrated resurrection of Nietzsche against Hegel in his Nietzsche and Philosophy, from which this collection draws its title.

This searching new collection considers Deleuze's relation to the philosophical tradition and beyond to the future of philosophy, science and technology. In addition to considering Deleuze's imaginative readings of classic figures such as Spinoza and Kant, the essays also point to the meaning of Deleuze on 'monstrous' and machinic thinking, on philosophy and engineering, on philosophy and biology, on modern painting and literature.

Deleuze and Philosophy continues the spirit of experimentation and invention that features in Deleuze's work and will appeal to those studying across philosophy, social theory, literature and cultural studies who themselves are seeking new paradigms of thought.

Keith Ansell-Pearson is Senior Lecturer in Philosophy and Director of Graduate Research at the University of Warwick.