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Centre for Research in Philosophy and Literature

Hegel After Derrida

Edited by Stuart Barnett
Warwick Studies in European Philosophy

'Hegel After Derrida is the first careful consideration of Derrida's deep and constant encounter with Hegel. Barnett's skillful volume will be required reading for all scholars of Derrida and of the contemporary critical scene.'
Geoffrey Hartman, Yale University

'Hegel After Derrida is an extremely useful volume. So little has been written on Glas and the addition of the other essays and the very fine introduction makes for an unusually fine volume.'
Merold Westphal, Fordham University

From his earliest essays on Hegel to his book-length study Glas, Derrida has made it clear that one of the fundamental tasks of deconstruction is to come to terms with the often-unacknowledged legacy of Hegel. Hegel's philosophy occupies a crucial space at the heart of Derrida's work; it is at once the antithesis of deconstruction and its point of departure. In spite of Derrida's insistence that we continue to read Hegel, there has been relatively little exploration of Hegel's enduring centrality to deconstruction.

Hegel After Derrida is the first study to address this complex and compelling issue. In a wide range of essays, it examines the Hegel-Derrida question from three vantage points. The first section presents readings of Hegel that pursue lines of thought opened up by Derrida. The implications of Derrida's work on Hegel for our understanding of Marx and Freud are investigated in the second section. The final section, a key feature of the collection, explicates Glas, Derrida's relatively neglected study of Hegel.

Hegel After Derrida presents eleven essays from some of the outstanding scholars working in continental philosophy today. It provides a rigorous interrogation not only of Hegel and Derrida but also of the foundations of postmodern and deconstructionist thought. It will be essential reading for all those engaged with the work of Derrida and Hegel.

Contributors: Stuart Barnett, Robert Bernasconi, Simon Critchley, Suzanne Gearhart, Werner Hamacher, Heinz Kimmerle, Jean-Luc Nancy, John H Smith, Henry Sussman, Kevin Thompson, Andrzej Warminski.

The Editor: Stuart Barnett is Associate Professor of English, Central Connecticut State University.