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Politics, Philosophy and Law


What is Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL)?

PPL - Politics, Philosophy and Law - is a vibrant new undergraduate offering at the University of Warwick. It offers students the opportunity to study across three of the UK’s most renowned Social Science departments and draw together subjects that are vital to understanding the world around us.

Students are taught jointly by the Departments of Politics and International Studies, Philosophy and the School of Law, each of which is ranked highly in UK league tables and has a strong international reputation.

PPL students at Warwick gain a strong understanding of the current key issues in each of these disciplines and also learn to identify how and why they interact in order to consider the relationships between them.

News and Events

Fri 12 Apr '19
Expert Comment: New offence of 'upskirting' comes into force

A new criminal offence of 'upskirting' comes into force today following a successful campaign by Gina Martin to change the law. Dr Laura Lammasniemi, Assistant Professor in Warwick Law School comments on the crime, and the wider problems of image and technology-based abuse.