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Study Trip to Seville, 5-10 March 2006

Quien no ha visto Sevilla, no ha visto maravilla – He who has not seen Sevilla, has not known wonderment (old Sevilla saying)

Early on a wintry March morning, 38 students and staff from the Department of Sociology (led by Cecily Jones and Hazel Rice) left behind the windswept Warwick campus and for set off for southern Spain. Four hours later, still tired and sleep-deprived, we arrived at our destination, the city of Sevilla.  Emerging bleary-eyed from the airport, we were all immensely cheered to find a city of orange trees, palms and sunshine, in stark contrast to the miserable weather we’d left behind in the UK – the first sun most of us had seen in months! [Continue... ]

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