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Graduate Seminar Programme

Venue: Room 0.14 Ramphal Building, University of Warwick. Campus map Time: 5 - 7 pm


Centre for the Study of Women and Gender Graduate Seminar series Programme 2012/13

Seminar 1: Queer Time, Queer Representations - 14th November

SAM MCBEAN, Birkbeck, University of London - Feminism’s Queer Timing: Unburying Valerie Solanas and SCUM Manifesto

H. L. GURNEY, University of Sussex - Menarche Now! Menstruation, Shame, and Queer Interventions

Seminar 2: Gendered Violence and Resistance - 28th November

ROXANNE ELLEN BIBIZADEH, University of Warwick - Women in Exile: Islam and disempowerment in Fadia Faqir's My Name is Salma

MIRNA GUHA, University of Warwick - Kaarya (“Work that Heals”): Rehabilitating survivors of trafficking through an innovative livelihood generation programme

Seminar 3: Women, Work, and Family - 23rd January

NATALIE WREYFORD, Kings College London - Gender and Networking for Work Inside and Outside the UK Film Industry

LENKA PELECHOVA, University of Nottingham - Negotiating the ‘appropriate closeness and distance’ – host parents’ and au pairs relationships

Seminar 4: Constructing Gendered Identities - 13th February

ANNE BURNS, Loughborough University - What Do I Look Like Online? - Women, photography and social media

KIRSTY LOHMAN & RUTH PEARCE, University of Warwick - Trans Music Isn't

ANDOLIE MARGUERITE, Goldsmith’s College - Trans/gender/queer: identities and discourses

Seminar 5: Women in Political Activism - 13th March

LIPIKA KAMRA, University of Oxford - The Woman Question in the Indian Maoist Movement

KATHARINA KARCHER, University of Warwick - Guns n’ Roses: Female participation in leftist political violence in Germany since 1970

ROSE ERIN HOLYOAK, University of Leicester - Eco-Warriors and Earth-Mothers: Young Women Negotiating Femininity in Social Movement Activism in the UK

LOUISE WOOLLETT, University of Warwick - The Role of Resistance in Conflict Resolution: A Study of Present-Day Palestinian Young Women's Nonviolent Resistance

Seminar 6: Health and the Female Body - 1st May

UMME BUSRA FATEHA SULTANA, University of Sussex - Exploring the Construction of Gender & Sexualities in Contraceptive Advertisements in Bangladesh

DIANE TRUSSON, University of Nottingham - Exploring Gendered Aspects of Biographical Disruption through the Narratives of Women treated for Early-Stage Breast Cancer (ESBC) or DCIS

KYLIE BALDWIN, De Montfort University - Social Egg Freezing: Negotiating Choice, Responsibility and the Right Time to Be a Mother

Seminar 7: Images of Women and Sexism in the Media - 22nd May

NAZIA HUSSEIN, University of Warwick - Complexities of the Representation of Urban Women in Bangladeshi Media

IZZY GUTTERIDGE, University of Warwick - The Ugly Side of Stardoll

JOELIN QUIGLEY-BERG, University of Warwick - What Counts as Sexism? Regulating Sexist Offence in UK Television Advertising

Seminar 8: Negotiating Modern Masculinities - 5th June

JOSEPH OLDHAM, University of Warwick - The ‘Blair Masculinity’ in British Spy Fiction

EMMA HUTCHINSON, University of Warwick - Heteronormativity 2.0: Gender and Identity Performance in an Online Game

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