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Join the Debate

The purpose of the research is not to produce a "how to" guide to Channel swimming, but rather to stimulate debate and discussion, both within the swimming community and between those inside and outside of Channel swimming. In this spirit, I'm going to post a quote from the research data here regularly that reflects an issue that i've been thinking, reading or writing about. Please feel free to add comments and join the debate....

26 April, 2011

"It's the cold I can't stand".

What's the hardest thing about Channel swimming? Cold? Boredom? Pain? Sickness?

21 March, 2011

"Swimming at its best feels like flying on the surface of the water"

What does swimming feel like to you? How easy it is for you to describe that feeling?

2 March, 2011

"So, you know everyone' know the great sort of personal development quote about 'it is not necessarily the destination, it is the journey that matters' and I was sort of like, it is not for me...It's all about the destination."

What did you learn from the 'journey'? How important was the 'destintation' for you?

20 Feb, 2011

"I was at a point in my life where I needed a big project. I wasn't in a position to have a kind of step-change in my life - like changing job, or move country, or to do something big like that. But I needed something and this....this fulfilled that need."

Why did you decide to swim the Channel? Why then?

13 Feb, 2011

"Commitment to a demanding training schedule cuts to the heart of the issues couples often find themselves fighting about - who does chores, who gets time for themselves, and who decides where and how the family has fun" (Wall Street Journal, 1 Feb, 2011)

How did you negotiate work, life, training etc? Is all-consuming training selfish (as suggested in the article)?

6 Feb, 2011

"I couldn't do something like a Channel swim without attaching it to a charity"

Do you agree? How important was raising money for charity in your motivation to swim?