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Research posters

The following are some of the research posters presented as part of the Centre for Women and Gender (Not very far) Away Days, 2007 and 2008.

Mona Adhikari Trade Liberalization and Women’s Empowerment: A Study of Tourism Industry in Nepal (PDF Document)

Sally Anne-Barnes and Jenny Bimrose Developing Career Trajectories: Researching effective careers guidance (PDF Document)

Ruth Cherrington Finding Pleasure under Patriarchy: Women in Working Men’s Clubs (PDF Document)

Deborah Dean FIA (International Federation of Actors) Gender Equality Project (PDF Document)

Kimberly Jamie and Antje Lindenmeyer Women's experiences of complementary and alternative therapies for menopausal symptoms (PDF Document)

Antje Lindenmeyer, Frances Griffiths and Jean Hodson Definitions and uses of ‘family history’ and the consultation—perspectives from lay people (PDF Document)

Wallace McDowell Examining the relationship between working-class Ulster Loyalism and performance 1997-2007 (PDF Document)

Kate Purcell The relationship between higher education and equality of opportunity (PDF Document)

Karen Throsby Obesity Surgery (PDF Document)


Dunya Ahmed Gender, disability and Islam: Living with visual impairment in Bahrain (PDF Document)

Natalie Armstrong Cervical Screening: Individual women within a population-based programme (PDF Document)

Nickie Charles Family support networks: Continuity and change (PDF Document)

Rachel Lara Cohen Relying on mum at work: Family labour in small firms (PDF Document)

Nof Nasser Eddin Female Palestinian Refugees Economic Activity in East and West Amman (PDF Document)

Rihab Khalifa and Simona Scarparo Accounting for Gender Responsive Budgets (PDF Document) 

Lydia Lewis User involvement in mental health services: a feminist critical discursive analysis (PDF Document)

Esther Oliver Gender based violence at universities (2006-2008) (PDF Document)

Juliet Rayment UK midwives' strategies for managing ideological conflict and distress in the workplace (PDF Document)

Julia J. Shin Migrant Women on the Move: The road from home (PDF Document)

Elisabeth Simbuerger Against and Beyond - for Sociology (PDF Document)

Deborah Lynn Steinberg Science Spectacle and the Gene (PDF Document)

Karen Throsby Experiences of obesity surgery (PDF Document)

Rosario Undurraga Women and Work in Chile (PDF Document)