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Retheorising Gender and Sexuality: The Emergence of 'Trans'

This is a two year cross disciplinary seminar series exploring the emergence of 'Trans' social movements, social identities and social networks. It will bring together clinical and psychotherapeutic practitioners, clients, educators, academic researchers, community groups and activists to consider three interlinked questions:

  • How does the emergence of 'Trans' challenge, develop or extend dominant understandings of gender and sexuality?

  • What is the impact of 'Trans' discourse on questions of rights, discrimination and citizenship, health and welfare, education and popular commonsense?
  • What challenges do 'Trans' identities present for clinical and therapeutic practice, for gender and sexuality theory and for everyday articulations of identity and intersubjective and communal connection.

Designated Outputs for the project included: a) dedicated interactive website; b) special issue of journal; c) edited book. Impact aims are to support widening of LGBTQ rights, equalities and social recognition; cross-disciplinary and inter-communal dialogue, web and publication outputs support of positive health initiatives for trans and non-binary/gender queer communities and individuals.

Project Start Date: 01/01/2012 Project End Date: 31/12/2014



2012-present ‘The Emergence of ‘Trans’ Website of the ESRC seminar series.


2018 The Emergence of Trans: Retheorising Gender and Sexuality (with R Pearce and L Moon Eds) in preparation

2017 Sexualities, (Special Issue) with L Moon and R Pearce, guest eds. ‘Trans Genealogies: Retheorising Gender and Sexuality’. in preparation.
[This and the following are outputs of the ESRC Seminar Series ‘Retheorising Gender and Sexuality: The Emergence of ‘Trans’ 2012-14, DL Steinberg (PI)]

2017 ‘Trans-Therapeutics: Trans-forming Idiomatics of Gender and Sexuality’ with L. Moon Sexualities (Special Issue: ‘Trans-genealogies: Retheorising Gender and Sexuality’, Steinberg, DL, L. Moon and R Pearce, Guest eds) in preparation

2017 ‘Trans Genealogies: Retheorising Gender and Sexuality’ (working title) with L Moon and R Pearce. In Sexualities (Special Issue: ‘Trans Genealogies: Retheorising Gender and Sexuality’ Steinberg, DL, L Moon and R Pearce guest co-eds) in preparation

Conducted by Prof Deborah Lynn Steinberg and funded by ESRC £15,000