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Social Theory Centre Past Events

Events 2015/16

The Black Panthers: Film Screening and Panel Discussion - 26th November, 6pm Warwick Arts Centre

The Work of Shame in the Non-Writing of the Australian Constitution - 23rd February, 5-7.00, Social Sciences SO.08

Debt, Experience and Contemporary Critique - 24th February, 4-7pm A0.23, FME Building, Social Sciences.

Angelos Mouzakitis (University of Crete) - Imagination, Critique and Praxis in Ricoeur's hermeneutics - Monday 29th February R2.41 5pm

Debate: What Shoud Be Our Attitude Towards Risk – Precautionary Or Proactionary? Dr Rupert Read (University of East Anglia) and Prof Steve Fuller (Warwick Sociology) - Friday, 3rd March, 5-7pm, S0.13

Whatever Happened to the Idea of Imperialism? - 18th May, 10am-7pm, registration and details

Social Theory Centre Annual Lecture: Professor Paul Gilroy 'There Ain't No Black in the Union Jack - Thirty Years On' - 24th May, 5-6.30pm MS.01

Joyful Ontologies a workshop - 25th May.

Authority and Political Technologies 2016: Biopolitical Matters - : Key notes: Didier Fassin, Kathryn Yusoff, Celia Lury/Claire Blencowe June 13th-14th.

Events 2014/15