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Research Clusters

Feminism, Gender and Sexuality

The Feminism, Gender and Sexuality (FeGS) research cluster houses empirical and theoretical research which explores and analyses how feminism, gender and sexuality intersect with other identities, social divisions and social movements. FeGS research is based on diverse and innovative methodologies and covers national and transnational contexts.

Just Eco-Geo-Political Futures

Scholars in the Just Eco-Geo-Political Futures Cluster explore a diversity of issues such as political cultures, authority & sovereignty; colonial ecologies, extractivism, environmental pollution and conflict; race, surveillance, human rights and citizenship in the digital age; more-than-human relations; religion and nationalism.

Race, Ethnicity & Migration

This cluster examines race, ethnicity, international migration, and their related processes and mechanisms underlying these processes. The members of the cluster are leading and involved in national and international major research projects with partners from across the world.

Violence and Social Justice

This cluster's research covers themes that tap onto enduring problems facing pursuits of social justice including borders and migration, racialised discrimination, criminalisation, gendered violence, homicide, policing, reconciliation, and the problems of prisons and punishment.