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Claire Blencowe: Publications


  • Biopolitical Experience: Foucault, Power & Positive Critique. Palgrave MacMillan. 2012.
  • Problems of Participation: Reflections on Democracy, Authority and the Struggle for Common Life. Noorani, Blencowe & Brigstocke eds ARN Press. 2013; republished on The Struggle for Common Life; Free PDF avalible .
  • Authority, Experience & the Life of Power. Blencowe, Brigstocke & Dawney eds. Routledge, 2014.
  • Problems of Hope. Dawney, Blencowe & Bresnihan eds. ARN Press, 2017. Free PDF avalible

Special Edition

  • The Journal of Political Power - Authority - 6(1). March, 2013. Blencowe, Brigstocke & Dawney eds. 

Journal Articles

  • ‘Uma “visão de dentro” sobre biopolítica em Foucault e Arendt: uma crítica de Agamben’. Estudos de Sociologia, 16 (1): 59-86. 2011

Book Chapters

  • 'Foucault & Political Sociology' in SAGE Handbook of Political Sociology Volume 2, Outhwaite & Turner eds. SAGE. 2017.
  • 'Seeking' in Blencowe, Bresnihen & Dawney eds. Problems of Hope, ARN Press. 2017
  • 'We Are The Flood' - a photo essay - in Brigstocke & Noorani eds. Listening with Non-Human Others, ARN Press. 2016
  • 'The Matter of Spirituality and the Common' in Kirwan, Dawney & Brigstocke eds Space Power & the Commons, Routledge, 2015
  • 'Participatory Knowledge Matters for Democracy' in Noorani, Blencowe & Brigstocke Problems of Participation: Reflections on Authority, Democracy and the Struggle for Common Life ARN Press. 2013.
  • ‘Performativity’ in Evans and Williams eds. Gender: Key Concepts, Routledge. 2012.

Essays & Reports

How to Redistribute Authority: Participatory Knowledge Matters for Democracy,, 2013

Authority, Knowledge & Performance in Participatory Practice: Connected Communities Discussion Paper, AHRC, April 2013.

Immanent Authority and the Making of Community: Connected Communities Discussion Paper, AHRC, October 2011.

‘Utopia in Dystopian Times’ Rational Daydreamer, 2006


Invited Paper. ‘Difference & Repetition in Authority Crisis, Fascism and Biopower, University College London School of Public Policy, June 2016.

Invited Paper. ‘Ecological Attunement in a Theological Key: Adventures in Anti-fascist Aesthetics’ The Centre for Critical Theory Seminar Series, Nottingham University, November 2015.

Invited Paper. ‘Ecological Spirits at the End of the Earth’ Apocalypse Workshop at the IAS, University of Warwick, November 2015.

Invited Paper. ‘Immanent Authority and the Common’ Emergent Authorities and the Making of the Common, Universidade Federal de Paraiba, Joãn Peosa, June 2015.

Invited Paper. ‘The Matter of Spirituality and the Commons’ Spaces of Attunement, University of Cardiff. April 2015

Invited Paper: ‘Christianity & Biopolitics in International Development’ Department Lecture, Global Studies Department, National University of Pusan (Busan, South Korea) November 2013.

Discussant Citizenship After Orientalism 3rd Symposium London, October 2013.

Discussant The Aesthetics of Power & Protest, University of Warwick, September 2012.

Discussant After Globalization (or, the problem with liberalism) University of Warwick, June 2012

Plenary Paper: ‘Biopolitical Experience: The Performative Force of Population Life’. Biopolitics and Performance, Theatre and Performance Research Association. Central School of Speech and Drama, University of London, April 2012.

Discussant. Performance and Politics Workshop, Citizenship After Orientalism Symposium, POLIS, Open University, February 2012.

Invited Paper: ‘Contingency, Racism, Progress: Eugenicist Pasts and Constructivist Presents’. Department Seminar Series. Geography, University of Exeter, November 2011.

Invited Paper: ‘Foucault and the Historical Conditions of Vitalism’. Colloquia on European Philosophy. University of Warwick, November 2011.

Plenary Paper: ‘Life, Objectivity and the Conditions of Authority’ Immanent Authority and the Making of Community, IAS University of Bristol, July 2011.

Invited Paper: ‘From ‘biosociality’ to feminist-eugenics: rethinking contingency and racism in 20th century sociological science’. Twentieth Century Think Tank: Department of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, February 2011.

Invited Paper: ‘Enfolding Affect: Embodiment, Ethics and Power in Foucault and Beyond’ Department Seminar Series, University of Bristol, May 2008.


‘Ecological Attunement in a Theological Key: Adventures in Anti-fascist Aesthetics’, Plenary Paper Biopolitical Matters – Authority & Political Technologies, 2016 June 2016

‘Ecological Attunement in a Theological Key: Adventures in Anti-fascist Aesthetics’, Feminisms Beyond the Secular, Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, March 2016.

‘Authority Crises, Transcendence, & the Drive towards Destruction in the Time of the Now’ American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, Chicago, April 2015.

‘Benjamin’s Challenge: On Violence, Authority and the Struggle for Common Life’ Emergent Authority & the Experience of Power, University of Brighton, November 2014.

‘Transnational Christianity and Homophobia in Uganda – A Crisis of Sovereignty?’ Border, Migration, Sovereignty Symposium. PAIS, University of Warwick. June 2014.

‘The Holy Spirit and the Transnational Dream of Participatory Democracy: From Hydra to Hercules (and Back?)’ International Workshop on Participation’s Non-Human and Non-Living ‘Others’, Public Science Project CUNY, New York, May 2014.

‘Contesting Biopolitics Panel: Biopolitical Experience, Foucault Power & Positive Critique’ 8th Pan-European Conference on International Relations, Warsaw, September 2013.

‘Political Theology and Governmentality: Questions from the Critique of Market Authority’ British Sociological Association, London, April, 2013.

'The Authority of Markets and how Not to Question it'. Aesthetics and Political Economy Workshop: Warwick Politics and Performance Network, University of Warwick, July 2012.

'The Production of Authority and the Objectivity of Life: A Genealogical and Affective-Materialist Interrogation of Citizenship' at Citizenship After Orientalism Symposium, POLIS, Open University, February 2012.

'Contingency, Racism, 'Progress': Eugenicist Pasts and Constructivist Presents'. Questions of Difference Symposium. Boston University, November 2011.

‘Life, Experience and Biopolitical Authority’ Essex Critical Political Theory Conference, Department of Governent, University of Essex, June 2011.

‘Biopolitical Experience: Foucault, Power and Positive Critique’ Radical Foucault, Centre for Critical Cultural Studies, University of East London, September 2011.

‘Knowledge, Life & Limit-Experience in the Making of Authority’. Power & Knowledge, University of Tampere, Finland, September 2010.

‘Future Feminisms For Power and Practice!’ with Vivienne Jackson, Futures of Feminist Theory, Gender Interdisciplinary Group Event, University of Bristol, February 2009.

‘Meaningfulness and Foundationless Power: Population, Process & Life’. Power: Forms, Dynamics & Consequences. University of Tampere, Finland, September 2008.

‘Biopolitics Beyond the Flesh: An Exposition of the Social Character of the Biological in Foucault’s Conception of Biopolitics’ British Sociological Association Annual Conference March 2008.

‘Sociologising Creativity: A Reinvention of Simmel’s Critique of Vitalism’. Creativity: The Word, Concept and Practice, a postgraduate workshop at the School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, February 2006.

‘The Proletariat, Creativity and a Politics of Difference: Presenting Benjamin’s Reconceptualisation of “Proletarianisation” as the Loosening of the Masses’. Connections no.5 University of Bristol, February 2006.