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Poverty and Social Exclusion

Poverty and Social Exclusion in North and South

Over the past decade there has been a worrying increase in poverty in the industrialised countries of the 'North', and in many of the developing countries of the 'South'.

This collection argues that there are a number of likenesses between the predicaments of North and South, and that these warrant further investigation and analysis. Poverty and Social Exclusion in North and South covers, on an integrated basis, such themes as:

* economic growth and social capital
* concepts of poverty and vulnerability
* risk and the 'social safety net'
* food and poverty
* debt versus equity in urban regeneration.

This important book, written by a respected group of scholars, will be of interest to students and academics involved with soeial policy and development studies more generally.

Paul Mosley is Professor and Head of the Department of Economics at the University of Sheffield, UK. He has written several books, including Aid and Power, also published by Routlcdge.

Elizabeth Dowler is a registered public health nutritionist and researches social and policy aspects of food and nutrition at Warwick University, UK.

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