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Recent Publications

Recent Publications


My most recent books are

The Unfinished Politics of Race: Histories of Political Participation, Migration and Multiculturalism (with Les Back, Michael Keith and Kalbir Shukra) Cambridge University Press (2022)

Race, Ethnicity and Social Theory Routledge (2022)

Race and Racism in Britain Fourth Edition Palgrave Macmillan (2022)

Edited Books

My most recent edited books are

Race and Ethnicity in Pandemic Times Routledge (2022)

An Introduction to Sociology (with Karim Murji and Sarah Neal) SAGE (2022)

Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader Third Edition (with Les Back) Routledge (2022)

Routledge International Handbook of Contemporary Racisms Routledge (2020)


I am also General Editor of The Routledge Encyclopedia of Race and Racism, which is composed of 19 Volumes. Each volume is edited by an editor or an editorial team.

Apart from my role as General Editor I have edited Volume II on Theories and Concepts, which includes 32 main entries and 8 biographical entries.

Peer Reviewed Journal Articles


'Race and Ethnicity in Pandemic Times' Ethnic and Racial Studies 44, 5: 719-734


‘After Michael Banton: Some Reflections on his Contribution to the Study of Race’ Patterns of Prejudice 53, 4: 321-336

‘ “Strangers in Their Own Land”: Powellism’s Policy Impact’ Patterns of Prejudice 53, 2: 200-209


‘Introduction: Why Do We Still Talk About Race Today?’ (with Martin Bulmer) Ethnic and Racial Studies 41, 6: 997-1013

'Introduction: Migration and Race in Europe’ (with Martin Bulmer) Ethnic and Racial Studies 41, 5: 779-784

Book Chapters


‘Race’ in G Payne and E Harrison (eds) Social Divisions: Inequality and Diversity in Britain Fourth Edition, Policy Press, pp. 89-108

‘The Transnational Mobilization of ‘Irregular Migrants’ (with Milena Chimienti) in S Spencer and A Triandafyllidou (eds) Migrants with Irregular Status in Europe: Evolving Conceptual and Policy Challenges IMISCOE, pp. 99-116

‘Race and the Age of Super-Diversity’ in C Inglis, B Kadria, W Li (eds) The Sage Handbook of International Migration Sage, pp. 538-551


‘John Rex’ in G Ritzer and C Rojek (eds) The Blackwell Encyclopedia of Sociology Wiley-Blackwell, pp. 1-3


‘Introduction: Why Do We Still Talk About Race Today?’ (with Martin Bulmer) in M Bulmer and J Solomos (eds) Why Do We Still Talk About Race? The Future of Ethnic and Racial Studies (co-editor with Martin Bulmer) Routledge, pp. 1-17

‘Introduction: Migration and Race in Europe’ in M Bulmer and J Solomos (eds) Migration and Race in Europe Routledge, pp. 1-6

'Racialised Inequalities and Social Policy: Policy Frames and Social Justice' in G Craig (ed.) Handbook on Global Social Justice Edward Elgar, pp. 173-186

'Reflections on Classic Papers in Ethnic and Racial Studies' (with Martin Bulmer) in M Bulmer and J Solomos (eds) Celebrating 40 Years of Ethnic and Racial Studies: Classic Papers in Context Routledge, pp. 1-8

‘Vagaries of Reception, Impact and Influence: Race, Nation Class in the United Kingdom’ in Manuela Bojadzijev and Katrin Klingan (eds) Balibar | Wallersteins’s Race, Nation, Class: Rereading a Dialogue for Our Times Berlin: Argument Verlag/Haus der Kulturen der Welt, pp. 199-209

Journals Edited

I am Editor in Chief of the international journal Ethnic and Racial Studies. I worked alongside Martin Bulmer as joint editor from 1995 to 2020. It is the leading international scholarly journal in the field of race and ethnicity and is published sixteen times a year by Routledge.

Book Series Edited

I am the editor of a book series on Ethnic and Racial Studies for Routledge. This is linked to the journal Ethnic and Racial Studies and is composed of special and themed issues published by the journal. This is now composed of approximately 60 volumes.

I am also co-editing a book series on Racism, Resistance and Social Change with Aaron Winter and Satnam Virdee for Manchester University Press. We have commissioned over 15 volumes for the series and are in the process of commissioning other volumes.

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