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Research Projects

  • Rethinking the Boundaries of Race and Racism
  • Becoming Londoners: Ethnographies of New Generations and Processes of Change
  • Anti-Racism in Theory and Practice
  • Transnational Social Movements and Vulnerable Groups
  • Racist Movements, Social Change and Political Mobilisation

Rethinking the Boundaries of Race and Racism

This is a programme of research that I have been working on for the past few years and it will systematically analyse the shifting boundaries of research and scholarship on race and racism during the period since the 1980s. The choice of this period has been made because it represents the period during which this area of scholarship has become fully embedded in the social sciences and humanities.

There has been a noticeable expansion of scholarship and research in this period and it has been accompanied by intense conceptual controversies and political and policy debates. As a result of these trends we have seen the establishment of race and ethnic studies as a major field of interdisciplinary scholarship and research, with identifiable bodies of theoretical paradigms and increasingly globalised bodies of empirical research.
In focusing on this period the proposed programme of research will produce a body of knowledge that will contribute towards a more systematic understanding of the development of this field of scholarly research and link up with my earlier research on various facets of racial and ethnic issues during the past four decades. A key concern of this on-going research project will be to provide a basis for a better understanding of the kinds of research agendas that will need to be developed in order to provide a conceptual and empirical grounding for leading edge research in the future. A particular focus of the proposed project is to provide avenues for generating more dialogue across both national and disciplinary boundaries in this area of research.